SRAM Eagle cuts the cord with AXS electric-wireless shifting

SRAM has announced its electronic-wireless mountain bike drive train, Eagle AXS. Almost a year since we first saw the prototype on Nino Schurter's bike at the Stellenbosch MTB World Cup. The Eagle AXS drivetrain will be available in XX1 and X01 specification levels and features a motor-driven rear derailleur and a wireless gear controller. There is also a new Reverb AXS dropper seat post with a similar electronic-wireless operation to match.


Eagle AXS brings a similar wireless operation and electric motor shifting that has been enjoyed on eTap road groupsets to Eagle's 12-speed mountain bike platform. The claimed advantages are many, including a strong and precise shifting experience through the motorised derailleur action, a more intuitive and energy-saving gear controller, and freedom from gear cables. As Eagle is a single chainring focussed drive system, only two components underwent the AXS redesign - the rear derailleur and controller (shifter). All the other parts remain identical to the mechanical version of Eagle with the exception of the new colourways.




Eagle AXS XX1 vs Eagle AXS X01

At launch, Eagle AXS will be available on SRAM's XX1 and X01 specification level groupsets.


The Eagle AXS XX1 groupset employs cutting edge weight-saving materials such as a carbon derailleur cage and titanium hardware and is available in an oil-slick looking rainbow colourway. The XX1 groupset is marketed as being suitable for cross-country and light trail use.


The Eagle AXS XO1 groupset with a forged aluminium cage and stainless steel hardware is said to cope better with more aggressive trail and enduro riding styles. It is available in a black and polar (powder grey) colourway


The controllers appear to be the same across the XX1 and X01 groupsets.


Eagle AXS Derailleur

The Eagle AXS derailleur is the core of the new Eagle groupsets. SRAM boast that the electronic derailleur gives the rider faster, more consistent shifting and that it can operate effectively under heavier loads than its mechanical counterparts.





Other than the lack of cables sprouting out the back, the battery is the most notable addition to the Eagle AXS derailleur. The battery is hot-swappable with the Reverb AXS battery and even the newly launched RED eTap AXS road groupset batteries. The battery is said to last between 20 to 25 hours, depending on your shifting habits. The battery is removed for charging by releasing a single clip. The charge time is reportedly one hour.


The Eagle AXS derailleur features SRAM's Type 3 roller bearing clutch for chain management. Due to the different dynamics and forces in mountain biking, the newly announced Orbit fluid clutch is only being applied to road derailleurs.




Impact protection

The Eagle AXS derailleur has a smart impact protection system called Overload Clutch. In the event of an impact, the motor disengages, allowing the derailleur to move more freely. This helps to protect the motor system from harsh forces as well as the derailleur body and the attached hanger. After the impact, the derailleur is designed to return to the position that it was in on impact, creating a seamless experience for the rider.


Furthermore, the derailleur cage is 10mm further from the ground than the mechanical Eagle derailleur, allowing more clearance to avoid colliding with objects on the trail.


Eagle AXS Controller

The Eagle AXS controller throws conventional mountain bike shifting out the window. In fact, the word controller has replaced shifter in SRAM's marketing material. With wireless communication, there are no cables, housing or wires. The result is a completely new ergonomic experience with the rider pushing buttons on the controller to operate the derailleur.





The controller touchpoints are customizable through the AXS app with three functions available: inboard shift, outboard shift and dropper post activation. There is also a paddle on the front-side of the controller near your index knuckle that can be used to make quick gear changes without lifting a finger from the handlebar. SRAM are labelling it the "secret sprint paddle".


The Eagle AXS controller is powered by a CR2032 watch battery which, according to SRAM's claims, should last most people for up to 2-years.


What is AXS?

AXS (pronounced "access" for accessibility) promises integration between SRAM's bicycle components, smartphones, sensors, and bike computers. AXS provides this broad compatibility of devices by supporting eTAP, Bluetooth, and ANT+. In addition, all AXS enable components will talk to each other.


SRAM AXS table.png


Switching it up

SRAM's new AXS wireless system is not defined by riding types. It's happy to chop and change as the riders see fits. All components with the AXS label will be able to communicate and function with each other. This means that the mountain bike Eagle AXS parts, and even the Reverb AXS dropper post, will work with RED eTap AXS road components.


But there are some mechanical barriers, however. The cassette, rear derailleur, and chain must come from the same groupset. For example, you might want to build a gravel bike with an Eagle AXS derailleur, cassette, and chain using RED eTap shifters on drops. The eTap shifters can then control the Eagle AXS derailleur. You can even throw in a Reverb AXS dropper seat post which can be activated using the eTap shifters.


AXS app 1.jpg
AXS App 2.jpg



The AXS App allows for a deep level of personalisation through your smartphone. From the app, you can change the behaviour of the components and controls, get maintenance reminders, update the firmware, and see the battery status. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Reverb AXS

The Reverb AXS is a wireless-electronic dropper post. The post is activated by a controller similar to the Eagle AXS controller.




The new Reverb has seen some upgrades internally. A new internal floating piston and lubrication design are said to reduce friction, decreasing the force needed to depress the saddle and improving the speed of actuation. There is also a vent valve which can be used to separate air and oil that might mix across chambers. Thereby improving performance and removing the squishy post feel without further servicing.


Like all AXS components, the Reverb AXS will communicate and function with other AXS labelled parts. As mentioned before, this allows both Eagle AXS and RED eTap AXS components to control the Reverb AXS dropper post.


The Reverb AXS uses a SRAM battery (the same as the derailleur batteries on Eagle AXS and Red eTap AXS) at the seat post while the controller is powered by an ordinary CR2032 battery.



  • Diameters: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • Travel:100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 170mm
  • Lengths: 340mm, 390mm, 440mm, 480mm
  • Compatibility: Zero Offset, 7mm Round Rail, 7X9mm Oval Rail, Matchmaker or Discrete Clamp


For more details on SRAM Eagle AXS, please see the press pack provided by SRAM below.


Press Release: SRAM EAGLE AXS

Technology For Simplicity

At a glance, Eagle AXS brings the real benefits of wireless electronic shifting to the mountain bike. On a deeper level, it offers discerning riders unprecedented personalization and control of the drivetrain. On the bike and off. Deepening the relationship between machine and rider. This addition to the Eagle ecosystem enhances capability. Removes complexity. And provides riders with an experience like never before imagined.


Pioneering upon a proven backbone

Both XX1 Eagle AXS and X01 Eagle AXS combine the proven, dedicated 1x backbone of Eagle with a connected wireless electronic derailleur and controller. With completely new inputs at the bar that initiate a shift with a touch. It’s an all-new derailleur that’s specifically designed and optimized to be motor-driven instead of cable-actuated, to truly leverage what this allows. AXS powered components enable customization and scale to an individual rider’s liking via the AXS app.


The pure shifting performance of Eagle AXS is the real difference maker. Shift under load, over the roughest terrain, uphill, or without changing your grip on the bar. Eagle AXS changes your level of control on the bike when you’re under pressure and pushing hard into the red. But more than that, it changes your relationship with the bike.



XC spec and ready for the trail. XX1 Eagle AXS utilizes the proven backbone of SRAM 1x. With the lightest weight materials and a 500-percent gear range. More secure and longer wearing X-SYNC2 chainring. The pinnacle of performance, paired with the connected components of Eagle AXS. Ready for the new gen of superbikes.





  • XC Focus
  • Carbon cage
  • Titanium hardware
  • Rainbow colourway

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS

There’s an element of the unknown when it comes to running new trail and racing blind. Enduro spec follows suit. X01 Eagle AXS utilizes the proven backbone of SRAM 1x. 500-percent gear range. More secure and longer wearing X-SYNC2 chainring. The resilienaluminium aluminium cage, paired with the connected components of Eagle AXS. Ready for the new gen of super bikes.





  • Enduro focus
  • Forged aluminium cage
  • Stainless hardware
  • Black/Polar colourways

Eagle AXS Derailleur

More than a mechanical derailleur with a battery and a motor bolted on, the Eagle AXS derailleur is the brain of
the whole AXS system. Trim it at set-up for zero rub, making the near-silent operation of Eagle even more stealth—all while improving drivetrain longevity.




It features a shorter cage for 10mm more ground clearance, with more chain wrap on the cassette to sit slightly further forward, and further inboard from mechanical Eagle. Instantaneous shifts from a single touch even while under World Cup-winning chain loads recorded in the heat of racing and affirmed in the test lab.


Eagle AXS Controller

No cable, housing or wires to manage opened up design and engineering possibilities with the Eagle AXS controller. Helping us pioneer a completely new shifting experience with new ergonomic touchpoints that take just enough effort to press.




Touchpoints that are totally customizable to your preferences, allowing you to choose which button does what through the AXS app. Choose from three functions: Inboard shift. Outboard shift. Dropper. Use one of the touchpoints to control your electronic Reverb AXS dropper seatpost. And the power save mode in the controller wakes up after a single touch to save battery when not in use.


The Secret Sprint Paddle

Beyond the controller’s standard paddle, an included “Secret Sprint” paddle oriented on the front-side of the controller near your index knuckle allows for quick shifts with virtually no change to your grip on the handlebar.


Easy Setup Easier Usage

Bolt it on. Set three limit screws. Press the pairing buttons. And go. Eagle AXS is trimmed and adjusted electronically for a perfect chainline. There is no additional effort to shift or idiosyncrasies to learn. And AXS unlocks an entirely new way to personalize the key interface with your bike—all controlled from your phone via a simple AXS app. Unless you’re looking to set it and forget it. Because you can do that too.


A bit about the battery

Yes, Eagle AXS uses a battery. One that is removable for easy recharging after 20 hours of ride time*. One that only weighs 25g and is detachable with a single clip. One that is “hot swappable” if needed—from derailleur to your Reverb AXS seatpost or even your SRAM RED eTap AXS road group. And it only takes an hour to charge.


Know before you go

Checking battery life is easy: Press the button on the derailleur. Green light means it’s at or close to full charge. Red light means it’s at or close to half charge. And flashing red means charge it up. Or throw on another, because keeping an extra is easy and realistic. To prolong battery life, the system goes to power save mode when the bike is stationary.




Yeah, it’s waterproof

The Eagle AXS system is completely water and dust proof to the IP69K international standard. Initially developed for construction vehicles and food sanitization, the IP69K standard validates systems that require regular pressurized cleaning. For a mountain biker, it means no hesitation to head out when the weather looks less than ideal.


Eagle AXS Impact Protection

The Eagle AXS derailleur is smart enough to protect itself. The built-in Overload Clutch was designed to disengage on impact, return to position and shift back into gear.




The primary purpose of the Overload Clutch is to protect the derailleur’s shift motor, but it serves to protect your derailleur and derailleur hanger from damage as a by-product. A very helpful by-product.



  • 10mm more cage ground clearance
  • Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch
  • X-HORIZON actuation
  • Overload Clutch protection

The AXS App

The AXS app is the built-in componentry software that makes it possible to both program and personalize Eagle AXS to your specifications. Letting you adjust and personalize controller assignments for shift commands and your electronically activated Reverb dropper post right from your mobile—to make it exactly how you want it. Have your left controller do upshifts or downshifts.


Assign a paddle to your AXS enabled Reverb that feels most intuitive to you. For the first time, AXS introduces digital possibilities for riders to customize, personalize, control, and improve the ride. Even when off the bike. Effectively allowing you to create your very own Eagle AXS “fingerprint.”


Use it. Or don’t.


All that’s needed to get riding is to mount the Eagle AXS drivetrain, pair it and get out there. The AXS app is only needed for further personalization or to gain access to the data the system has accumulated. Whenever you choose.


Beyond personalization.


Far beyond rider personalization, the seamless integration between AXS hardware and software communicates with your SRAM id. Like sending service reminders when it’s time to check your wear components. And so much more. Allowing you to improve your bike when you’re not even touching it.


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Dope AF, but my god it is going to be expensive.

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MDJ, Feb 06 2019 09:41

Looks very cool, after moving to Di2 on my roadie I've been cursing my SRAM mechanical shifting on the MTB. However 20 hour battery life? ... plus its not exactly cheap. Lets see what generation 2 looks like. My Scott could seriously do with a few less cables :).

ABrooks, Feb 06 2019 09:44

That it going to be one expensive derailleur to fix if you smash it. Must say, it looks like SRAM is smashing Simano in the drivetrain department.

tux26, Feb 06 2019 10:36

The price I heard is around £1900.00


MSRP: $2,000 USD (XX1), $1,900 USD (X01)

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100% improvement with the rainbow colour. Hated that gold eagle setup - it looks like something that belongs on a opel corsa with a CF number plate.

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That it going to be one expensive derailleur to fix if you smash it. Must say, it looks like SRAM is smashing Simano in the drivetrain department.


Pretty hard to break it though. Even the mechanical rear derailleurs are very robust and the Eagle AXS is even more overbuilt

JohanMalan, Feb 07 2019 08:58


Even carrying a spare battery at about 25gr and about $50, not too much hassle.

Lets get feedback on durability and hopefully some trickle down prices.


Swift&Aero, Feb 07 2019 09:21

Beautiful, just love where tech is going!


Will give it 10 years.... by then the price will be affordable in my budget...

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SRAM Eagle NX AXS for me

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