Thule produces Legend for GoPro

Living up to the THULE motto “Active Life, Simplified”, THULE has produced the Legend GoPro® Advanced Case and the THULE Legend GoPro® Case which enhances this bold statement with its simplicity in design to suit those with an active lifestyle.

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It is not hard to see why the THULE brand has become a global market leader in a number of product categories, including their innovative, highly functional, top-quality camera bags.


What you’ll find in both cases is the THULE brand’s uncompromising quality and functionality in these innovative products specifically designed for active people. As part of the product development, THULE Crew members, professional athletes and GoPro® users contributed with their individual thoughts on an ideal case to carry their equipment, which ultimately took the products to a higher level.


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With all your equipment safely stowed in a protective case, the world awaits as active families and outdoor enthusiasts capture their next adventure. The THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case can pack up to two GoPro® cameras, Flex Clamp, 3-way, Gooseneck, LCD backpacks, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards in the crushproof, padded compartment, while the THULE Legend GoPro® Case carries one GoPro® camera plus the LCD backpack, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards.


Inside the case, you’ll find a die-cut foam organiser unit keeping the camera and accessories firmly in their place, protecting them from bumps and jolts of your activity. The foam pad can be removed and rinsed for easy cleaning and allows the user to fully rinse the interior of the case, ridding it of dust, mud, sand and build up.


Two pockets in the lid offer storage for chargers, cables and strap mounts and the high visibility interior lining allows you to locate the smaller items with ease.


THULE Legend for GoPro5.jpg

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With a sleek design, the THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case and the THULE Legend GoPro® Case fit easily into another bag and the semi-hardshell construction ensures protection of your goods as well as secure grip. An oversized zipper pull provides quick and easy access and aides those wearing gloves. The integrated quick-grip collapsible handle attaches easily to a belt, harness or pack with a carabiner, ensuring that you have the quickest access to your essential items at all times.


The THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case retails for R1199 while the THULE Legend GoPro® Case retails for R799. Available at Thule Partner stores from mid May.


For full product information, visit For dealer enquiries or to order your THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case and THULE Legend GoPro® Case, call Jamie Owen at THULE SA on 0861 1 THULE (84853).


Track, May 26 2015 05:35

R800 to carry my Go-Pro. I know the brand and quality is top drawer but the price is just crazy!

velomonatiCT, May 26 2015 05:42

my would I want this HUGE padded bag for my tiny water proof bullet proof dust proof camera


make a tiny case for it cause no one else does :whistling:

nonky, May 26 2015 05:45

Thule: ripping folks off since 1942