Titan Racing Announce All-New Cypher Racing Bike

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The all-new Cypher and Cypher RS has landed. A fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs. Racing snakes and weekend warriors will feel equally at home on the Cypher and Cypher RS with its pedal efficient platform and progressive geometry.

Project Cypher

Titan Racing has been gaining traction rapidly with the expansion of our product line and the introduction of apparel and accessory ranges. It all started when brand founder, Robbie Luis, set his sights on expanding the brand and adopting a new way of thinking; the SMART choice - striving to offer next-level products at fair value money where we aim to improve our customers riding experience.


The Forge Concept Lab was established and headed up by our head designer, Cliff Beckett. The brief was clear; design a marathon/XC bike with two water bottle cages, that climbs as well as it descends. While we did not redesign what a bike is or even should be, we went back to basics and built a bike focused on the riding. A truly SMART choice for the racer that wants a bike with a little more versatility.



Two Bike Options

With more rocks, roots, drops and jumps scattered along XC courses and the trails we froth to ride our capabilities have progressed and steered towards riding more capable bikes. Slacker head angles, longer reach, and dare we say more travel has become frequent sightings at the weekend grind.


The new Cypher and Cypher RS fits right into this new age of riding with its progressive geometry. In short, the Cypher and Cypher RS is a short travel bike based on the metric shock standard. Using a metric standard shock allows for the design of two travel variations using the same frame by taking advantage of the ability to adjust the stroke length of the shock without affecting the eye-to-eye dimensions. A difference of 7.5mm on the stroke translates into 20mm of travel at the rear axle resulting in two variants; the 100mm Cypher RS has a 37.5mm stroke length while the Cypher has a 45mm stroke.


In addition to the extra 20mm’s of travel on the Cypher it is spec’d with a wider 780mm bar compared to the 750mm flat bar on the Cypher RS. Other subtle hints to the capability and intended riding style of the Cypher include wider 2.35 tires and a Manic 125mm dropper post.


Titan Cypher RS.jpg
CYPHER RS – 100mm of travel front and rear


Titan Cypher.jpg
CYPHER – 120mm of travel front and rear


Cypher RS – 100mm
  • 100mm rear wheel travel
  • 100mm fork
  • BB height – 333mm (High setting) (*Est. Vittoria Barzo 2.25 tire)
  • Head tube angle - 69° (High setting)
Cypher – 120mm
  • 120mm rear wheel travel
  • 120mm fork
  • BB height – 342mm (High setting) (*Est. Vittoria Barzo 2.35 tire)
  • Head tube angle - 68° (High setting)


A Wider Range of Riding

One bike with a little more variety, because every trail is not the same. The decision to include a flip-chip into the design expands the riding capabilities of the Cypher and Cypher RS, enabling the ability to customise the geometry to the preference of the rider for trail conditions. In the low position, the head angle is reduced by half a degree, and the BB drops by 6mm. This allows riders to take full advantage of the bike and hit the descents and technical sections with elevated velocity.


Titan Racing Cypher_Details_1.jpg
Titan Racing Cypher_Details_2.jpg


A Balanced Bike

Both the Cypher and Cypher RS have been designed around 1x drivetrains specifically. A gently progressive leverage ratio is balanced between the ability to resist harsh bottom outs while still allowing the full use of travel. Progressive means that more force needs to be applied the further into the travel the rear axle moves in order to compress the shock – this makes for a supportive ride feel that is stable and composed. The leverage rate has been optimised so that it is not overly progressive, allowing for full use of travel. Anti-squat figures have been calculated to function optimally around 85-115% on 32T - 34T chainrings, those being the most popular size for 12-speed drive systems.


The Details

Keeping up with industry trends and innovations the Cypher and Cypher RS frame use BSA threaded BB cups as opposed to press-fit for ease of maintenance and rider concerns over creaky BB’s. Additionally, the frame has internal cable routing solutions for a stealth dropper post, all gear shift cables, rear brake, and a remote lockout cable for the rear shock. Rear-axle standard is Boost 148, which allows us to maximise tire clearance without having to compromise on the rear centre length. The Cypher and Cypher RS can carry two water bottles inside the front triangle where they can be easily accessed while riding, a must for racing. A low standover height is perfect for those technical sections and showing your buddies your best whip.


Titan Racing Cypher_Details_3.jpg
Titan Racing Cypher_Details_4.jpg


More Options

We have really paid close attention to the market and delivering bikes at various price points. The Cypher and Cypher RS are available in both full carbon fibre options that feature the same carbon layup as well as more budget-friendly full aluminium versions. All the Cypher and Cypher RS bikes are spec’d with 1x12 drivetrains and shorter stems paired with a wider bar. On the top end bikes, carbon bars, seat posts, and rims are standard.


Overall, the Cypher and Cypher RS are aimed to bridge the gap between quality high-end bikes that make riding more enjoyable and affordability. A genuine pledge to our commitment to quality lies with our 5 Year Multi-User Warranty that enables consumers to sell their bikes with a Warranty still in place.



Titan Cypher RS Geometry.jpg
Titan Cypher geometry.jpg
Titan Cypher Features.jpg
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DieselnDust, Sep 11 2019 02:06

Look at Specialized. they started out as a rubber company now every Dick, Tom and Hairy has one...!!



see what I did there

Riaanoster, Sep 18 2019 09:14

Have a look at the VEC Titan Racing Team, these guys and girl is doing quite well on these bikes, so I think they moved away from an "entry level" bike!


More value for money and make you wonder how the other brand justify their ridiculous prices.


WELL DONE TITAN!!!! I won;t mind riding one!!!! 

Rudi Pollard, Sep 18 2019 01:24

Will these be available as frameset options?

Nick, Sep 18 2019 07:56

Will these be available as frameset options?


I asked the same question. Apparently, the first shipment is all full bikes only.

DJuice, Oct 14 2019 05:02

Have any Hubbers pulled the trigger on one?

Would like average Joe`s feedback on the bikes after I have read a few reviews over the weekend.

The Cypher ticks all the boxes for me! Although 100 is more than enough travel for our valley.


These bikes should do very good!