Touch Bike Parts Launches Customisable Multitool

The Touch Adjust tool makes your riding tools more efficient and useful. The design is hinged around a customisable toolset, with a choice of nine tool bits to make a 4, 6, and 8 tool bit setup using various length bolts provided.

Hand 3xtool small3.jpg


The six tool bit setup is the most ergonomic of the three setups, but you get to choose. All options are still slim thanks to the narrow arms (11mm height) and compact pivot system.


The customisation allows one to build the multi-tool with the exact tools that your bike requires, and adapt it as the parts or bike changes. This also allows for the replacement of worn tool bits over time to keep the tool usable and not become a throw-away item.


Arm wet angle 1.jpg


Another benefit of the customisation feature is the ability to put certain tools in specific positions, helping you get to hard to reach bolts within your bike design.


The long arms provide good leverage and excellent torque sensitivity, helping you to feel what is going on when you tighten a bolt back up. It also saves you energy compared to short multi-tools that lack leverage or to loosen a tight bolt that a short tool cannot manage without excessive force.


Touch adjust 3 sizes.jpg


All parts are CNC machined for accuracy, using clear anodised 6061-T6 aluminium arms that are light and stiff. The stainless steel bolts and tool bits are heat-treated for exceptional durability against the elements (highly corrosive resistant) and hard use. The stainless steel washers keep the tool bits evenly spaced and provide consistent rotation and friction dynamics for excellent user experience. The corrosion resistance helps to keep the tolerance of the tool bits accurately fitting your bolts.


The Touch Adjust can be happily stored in a sweaty pocket or hydration backpack without becoming tarnished and heavily corroded over time. The heat-treated parts are designed to bend under extreme strain, not crack, leaving them as usable as possible wherever you are with your bike. These features all help ensure that the tool will stay close to its original state for as long as possible.


Touch display3.jpg


The pivot system is very lightweight and compact, making the tool as slim as the 11mm arms and allowing for excellent clearance when using the tool in tight spaces. The consistent friction of the tool bits rotation allows free use without the tools moving around and causing one to fumble for fitment into the bolt, and also to use the tool in various ways that make it fun and fast to adjust or swap parts.


The open design of the tool bits between the arms allows for easy use with full finger gloves and tired hands, making the adjustment of your bike fast and efficient.


Open angle 1.jpg


The tool parts come packaged in a high-quality cardboard box with magnets to keep it closed, ready for you to assemble it to your needs — the box doubles as an excellent storage unit for unused tool parts or other small items. The box is recyclable if needed.


The Touch Bike Parts company is based in Cape Town, South Africa and focused on providing products with an expanded user experience coupled with excellent performance and long term use.



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aquaratza, Sep 08 2019 06:19

I bought one of these - it's super cool. It looks great and it feels like a premium product.

solty, Sep 08 2019 09:23

Looks like the kind of quality your grandchildren will still be able to use.

Andrew Buckley, Sep 08 2019 05:15

No chain breaker?

TouchBikeParts, Sep 09 2019 09:47

Looks like the kind of quality your grandchildren will still be able to use.

That is the idea! And who knows what tools one will need in the future... we will have it covered ; )

Teamcliff, Sep 09 2019 09:54

Saw one of these this weekend, the machining is superb and the tool is nice and slim. I love the idea of a tool with no excess bits that you don't need.

TouchBikeParts, Sep 09 2019 10:01

No chain breaker?

Hi Andrew, correct, no chain breaker now from Touch.

Chain breaker as a separate tool is our thinking... why clutter up a tool one uses more efficiently without a chain breaker. One hopefully never uses a chain breaker on a ride!

We find integrated chain breakers generally get in the way of using the tools, create worse clearances in tight spaces and is something that is rarely used on a ride, versus a clean and slim multi tool that one hopefully uses more regularly to adjust the bike and can reach into tight spaces effectively.

We plan to have separate chain breaker coming in the future for those emergency situations!

iRide, Sep 09 2019 12:23

An amazingly well thought out product! Can't wait to own one.

RLucas, Sep 10 2019 12:26

Fantastic looking tool!! I have just about everything in my Crank Brothers M19, but it's not fun carrying it around when riding without a saddle bag :(

Brandon P, Sep 10 2019 04:42

Looks like great quality.
A tire plugger could be a handy addition no other multi tool offers yet that I am aware of.

TouchBikeParts, Sep 12 2019 10:17

Looks like great quality.
A tire plugger could be a handy addition no other multi tool offers yet that I am aware of.

Hi Brandon... we have looked at this and due to the folding nature of the toolbit design, it is not safe to have a plugger that folds over under force... but we have some ideas for it...!

MintSauce, Sep 13 2019 02:57

Got mine today! You really need to see it to appreciate it. It is beautifully made!