Upside's innovative design brings versatility to bike carriers

A group of passionate riders and engineers have turned the bike rack on its head with a simple yet ingenious idea. Meet the Upside Rack.


This innovative design fixes all bike types on normal roof racks in just seconds, with no pre-assembly required and no need to leave it on your car between rides. It’s so small and portable that you can even ride to work with it in your pack (or strapped to your bike frame) and catch a lift home.


Upside rack.jpg


In seconds, the Upside Rack is open and on your bike. From there, it’s onto your roof racks. Then one simple, strong clamping mechanism finishes the job and has you ready to go.


Its secure but soft grip promises to safely hold your bike no matter the shape of the frame or the size of the tyres. It’s the only rack that fits your road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, kids bikes or commuter without adapters, wheel removal or frame contact.


Once you arrive at your riding destination, your bike is off in seconds and you are ready to ride.


It can easily be switched between vehicles. And - not being a permanent fixture on your car’s roof - the Upside Rack saves you from wind noise and extra fuel consumption.




“The unique design of our bike rack brings portability and the ability to carry nearly any type of bike,” says Sean Stoney, co-founder of Upside Racks. “It solved a problem that most avid bike riders have faced at one point or another, quickly installing a second or third bike on your roof. I also see non-riders owning one, be it parents or even grandparents, without having a permanent installation.”


“We really went back to first principles with the design, threw out all our preconceived ideas of what a bike rack should be capable of, how it holds the bike and especially how it should look,” says Stefan Wrobel, co-founder of Upside Racks. “The user is always front of mind for us, whether it how easily it can be used, how after-sales care will work, how will it be stored and especially, can I trust this rack for durability and safety.”


The Upside Rack team is obsessed about quality. Having worked for companies like Siemens, GM, Nissan, BMW and Tesla, the Upside Rack’s creators know all about speed, innovative design and engineering. Having managed major operations and programs they also know how to deliver multi-million dollar projects on time. After months of refinement, the concept is ready to go and the highest quality suppliers have been sourced to craft this exceptionally strong, clean and easy-to-use solution.


The Upside Rack team are taking their product to Kickstarter now, offering supporters the chance to get their hands on the newest and most revolutionary bike rack the market has ever seen with limited edition models, discounted early-bird pricing and prizes.




shaper, Nov 25 2016 02:32

Quite handy if you are hiring a car, just need to ensure it has a roof rack.  Then can arrive on a flight with your bike and be able to transport it no hassle as you can have the "upside" as part of your luggage!!

rock, Nov 25 2016 02:35

Rule 49

pe3nguin, Nov 25 2016 02:40


Rule 49



Allrounder, Nov 25 2016 03:39


Rule 49



Kalahari Vegmot, Nov 27 2016 08:49


Skinnyone, Nov 28 2016 10:12

Innovative my arse...this was done in the 70's...

Ferro, Nov 28 2016 12:20

Cool but I will wait for the the right way up model.

Underachiever, Nov 28 2016 12:25

Innovative my arse...this was done in the 70's...

Exactly.  We had a Thule one in the mid 80's.  Fair bit of force on the stem and handlebars in a crosswind driving at 120 kph.

-Gazza-, Nov 28 2016 06:55

Hydraulic brakes upside down for an extended period of time, not sure that's the greatest idea. Air bubbles will collect / move to the caliper versus the reservoir.

Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Nov 28 2016 07:08

Hydraulic brakes upside down for an extended period of time, not sure that's the greatest idea. Air bubbles will collect / move to the caliper versus the reservoir.

Nothing wrong with that. Used to carry my bike upside down, hang it from its front & back wheels and do all sorts of things to it. No issue re brakes and suspension, regardless of what some people will say.


Re the brakes - just bleed them properly and avoid getting air in the system altogether. 

Simon123, Dec 02 2016 03:38

No man, even right away around bike racks on the roof are ****.


Why oh why???


Even when I had a sportscar that couldn't have a towbar, I at least used a clip on rack.  But why on the roof?  It looks (insert Cape flats P word here).