First Look Friday: Super B tools

First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring a selection of workshop items and tools from Super B.

Super B have been involved in hand tools for 20 years, with 10 years engaged in the bicycle tool market. Super B claim to produce quality products, with a focus on research & development and quality controls. They currently offer over 200 items with 20 to 30 new products being launched every year.

TBA-500 27pc Tool Set

If you plan to work on your bike, having the correct tools for the job is essential. Yes, in many instances you can make a MacGyver plan but it can be potentially damaging to your bike and often time intensive. We'll be testing Super B's 27-piece set to see how well the selection covers our everyday bike servicing and repair needs.


SuperB tools 8.jpg


The tool set includes:

  • 1-Pedal wrench 15 mm
  • 2-Screwdriver, size: Phillips 2 and slotted 6
  • 1-8 mm hex key & 1/2" Dr. adaptor
  • 3-Tire lever
  • 1-2 in 1 cotterless crank tool for standard square type crank & Shimano® splined octalink
  • and ISIS Drive®, with 14 mm box wrench
  • 6-Hex key wrench, size: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm
  • 1-Chain rivet extractor, for 8, 9 & 10 speed chains
  • 1-Double-ended wrench, size: 8/10 mm
  • 1-Freewheel remover for Shimano®, SunRace®, SRAM®, Chris King®,
  • SunTour® and similar cassette lockrings
  • 1-Freewheel turner for 1/8" fixed gear sprockets
  • 2-Hub cone spanner, size: 13/14/15/16 mm
  • 1-Crank installation tool for Shimano® Hollowtech II compatible crank adaptor
  • 1-B.B. wrench for Shimano® Hollowtech II, Truvativ® GXP, FSA® MegaExo,
  • Campagnolo® Ultra-TorqueTM and similar external B.B. cups with 16 notches
  • 1-O-shaped spoke wrench, size: 9 G~15 G
  • 1-Cartridge B.B. tool for Shimano®, ISIS Drive® splined 20-tooth bottom bracket cups,
  • FSA®, Race Face® and Truvativ®
  • 1-Patch repair kit
  • 1-Torx® 25 wrench
  • 1-Blow case
This starter kit sells for around R849.


TB-32900 Chain Maintenance Set

Only the most enthusiastic perfectionist can derive joy from cleaning a chain, so for most people finding a shortcut is always welcome. The chain cleaner is the liquid box kind while the folding brush helps getting into those hard to reach areas around the derailleurs, it also includes some teeth to get in between the cassette gaps. The pricing of this set is around R310.


SuperB tools 2.jpg
SuperB tools 3.jpg


In the box:

  • Folding brush
  • Chain cleaner
  • Environmental friendly degreaser
  • Chain lube

TB-TW20 Torque Wrench 3-14Nm

Torque wrenches are essential for getting the correct force for the proper functioning of some very vital components on your bike. You don't need to look further than the torque readings on your stem and handlebars for an obvious example.


SuperB tools 6.jpg



  • 1/4" Dr. torque wrench
  • Bit socket: Hex2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10mm, T 25
  • Pricing: around R1,369

TB-WS20 Home Mech Work Stand

Aimed at the amateur mechanic, the work stand has 360 degree rotation to allow you to work on your bike at any angle.


SuperB tools 13.jpg

SuperB tools 10.jpg

SuperB tools 12.jpg

SuperB tools 11.jpg

  • Weighs: 5.4kg
  • Clamps adjust to fit tubes from 1” to 2.5”
  • Adjusts to fit tubes of various shapes
  • Tool tray is included but tool bag for traveling is optional
  • Very easy to open for storage or maintenance
  • Pricing: Around R1,799

TB-PF25 Home mechanic wheel truing stand

SuperB tools 9.jpg


This wheel truing stand promises to be foldable and easily stored making it useful for home mechanics and pro mechanics on the move. Fits wheelset sizes 16” through to 29”. Recommended retail pricing is around R829.


TB-CC65 Universal 5-11sp Chain Tool

The Super B chain tool claims easy use with an intuitive 3-step operation. The tool supposedly works on any chain including 3/32" ~ 3/16" single speed and 5 to 11 speed chains. Recommended retail pricing is around R289.


SuperB tools 7.jpg


TB-3323 2-in-1 Trident Master Link Pliers

Super B thinks so much of their Trident Master Link pliers that they've had it patented. The pliers assist with the removal of master links by hand. The high grade hardened steel promises resistance to wear. Recommended retail pricing is around R119.


TB-DS20 Table Top Digital Scale

That special something for the weight weenie in your life. Make sure those manufacturer claims are accurate.


SuperB tools 1.jpg



  • Measures and displays kilograms to 0.01kg (0.01k g=10gram)
  • Basic measurement for 0.1 oz (1 oz=28.35grams)
  • The Weight limit of the 3 KG (1g inaccuracy)
  • Pricing: around R360

TB-DS10 Hanging Digital Scale

SuperB tools 4.jpg

SuperB tools 5.jpg

The digital scale is designed to measure accurate weight of bikes, frames, and components.
  • Measures and displays kilograms to 0.02 kg (0.02 kg=20gram)
  • Basic measurement for 1 oz (1 oz=28.35grams)
  • Silicone coated hanging hook , plus a dual position
  • The Weight limit of the 50 KG (10g inaccuracy)
  • Batteries are not included it (2pcs *4AAA battery)
  • Pricing: Around R439
Super B tools are available from bike shops nationally, including the dealers listed here.


Matchstix, Dec 04 2015 04:19

The truing stand looks like a bargain

raptor-22, Dec 04 2015 04:27

Indeed it does!

quintonb, Dec 04 2015 08:48

That's exactly what I thought. Have already enquired at my LBS.

Hilton., Dec 05 2015 01:24

Well, that makes four of us! Also liking the truing stand. Wanted to get a decent one for myself for a while.

quintonb, Dec 07 2015 07:33

R765.00 from my LBS, should be here this Friday.

grantgush, Dec 07 2015 08:35

R765.00 from my LBS, should be here this Friday.

LBS? SA site to buy these components? 

travisza, Dec 07 2015 09:51

I'm in need of some chain link pliers - stockists of these? (online or LBS in JHB)

Iwan Kemp, Dec 07 2015 09:55

At the bottom of the article there's a link to their dealer network.

quintonb, Dec 10 2015 01:57

Just received my wheel truing stand.

Not bad at all for R765.00


Perfect for home use and its nice and light and compact.

Iwan Kemp, Nov 22 2016 08:43

Any feedback from those who have been using the wheel truing stand?

Grease_Monkey, Nov 22 2016 09:05

Looks like some good kit - great prices too!