First look: Kali Maya helmet

Kali Protectives recently launched their long-awaited Maya Enduro / All Mountain helmet. Not yet available locally, we managed to get our hands on an early sample to give you a taste of what's to come.

Kali Maya 2.jpg

Kali Maya 3.jpg

Sporting 12 vents and design features that ensures the Maya is bang up to date. This includes the use of cone-shaped multi-density EPS foam and a core that features the lowest density foam that Kali has used to date. Kali explain their use of softer foam: "while helmets typically utilize a foam density between 100-120 g per cubit litre, the density in our Maya is around 70 g. The benefit to using this softer foam is that it dissipates impacts faster and more efficiently".

Kali Maya 7.jpg

Kali Maya 5.jpg

Other smart design features include an integrated camera and light mount, a break resistant visor and a dual closure fit system with auto-height adjust.

Kali Maya 8.jpg

We only have US pricing to go by but at US$99 it's looking good compared to the Troy Lee Design A1 $139, iXS Trail RS $119 and Bell Super 2 $135.

From the Manufacturer

  • Purpose: AM/trail riding
  • Construction: maximum coverage half-shell design. In-molded "Composite Fusion Plus" liner incorporates cone shaped multi-density EPS foam.
  • Break resistant FlexyBill™ visor
  • Integrated camera/light Mount. Works with GoPro™, Contour™, and Light & Motion™
  • Antimicrobial liner with integrated bug netting
  • Seven rear-facing vents to evacuate heat, Five forward facing.Vents have with deep internal channeling for ventilation
  • Dual Closure Fit System with auto-height adjust.
  • Uses softest density foam in the mountain bike segment, because softer is better
  • Sizes: Small/medium, medium/large
  • Colours: Matte black, EnduroBro blue, and Duo white/black
  • Claimed weight: 350 grams
  • RRP: Not yet available locally


NicoBoshoff, Apr 21 2015 06:11

Platypus, is that you?

Amberdrake, Apr 21 2015 06:23

That looks like it might be bit hot

the nerd, Apr 21 2015 11:09

Platypus, is that you?


I was just about to comment "it looks like a platypus" hahahaha

popcorn_skollie, Apr 21 2015 12:39

made me think of this guy


GoLefty!!, Apr 21 2015 01:31

so ugly it makes one look like a duck billed platypus

Meindertjan Rebel, Apr 21 2015 01:35

Any idea when it will be avalible in SA???

Iwan Kemp, Jun 10 2015 04:41

Any idea when it will be avalible in SA???


Not yet. Apologies for the (very) late reply. Will update as soon as we know