On test: Garmin Fenix 3

We were lucky enough to receive the much hyped Garmin fenix 3 for review recently. The fenix 3 is Garmins’s do-all sports watch touted as an “Uncompromising Multisport Training GPS Watch”. It includes the Altimeter, Barometer and Compass functions one would expect in such a device along with GPS / GLONASS and GPS navigation, WiFi, Bluetooth, ANT+ and the list goes on.
Among the array of features for runners, adventurers and multisports athletes it of course caters for us bike riders too. It is compatible with Garmin speed and cadence sensors as well as their Vector pedal-based power meters and VIRB action camera.

Just like it’s predecessors, the fenix 3 sports a stylish design with more of a real watch feel than most historically bulky and awkward wrist based GPS units. Under the hood Garmin have packed in some serious functions and have taken a few steps into the smartwatch territory with their custom apps and notifications.

Based on the chatter among Hubbers about this product pre and post launch we’re very excited to test it out. Over the next month we’ll be putting it through it’s paces both on and off the bike.

Stay tuned for the full review in late July.

From left to right: fenix 3 Gray, fenix 3 Sapphire, fenix 3 Silver (our test unit)




KevinHow, Jun 24 2015 03:30

Pricing - Give us a break!

Naas, Jun 24 2015 05:12

Pricing - Give us a break!

Depends where you buy...

Odinson, Jun 24 2015 05:13

My nutsack just shrivelled up reading the pricing. 

KevinHow, Jun 24 2015 06:30

Depends where you buy...

As I already said - Pricing give us a break!

IronTree, Jun 24 2015 07:41

Evo and EasyBike have much better Pricing.

R7200 for Gray/red Performance Bundle.


Great Watch, but don't expect much from the BlueTooth integration to phone...

Wayne Potgieter, Jun 25 2015 07:48

Been using mine for a few days now.

Zero issues with bluetooth integration.

StevieL, Jun 25 2015 07:55

Been using mine for a few days now.

Zero issues with bluetooth integration.


Zero issues all round really.

Very happy with it.

Spinnekop, Jun 25 2015 08:23

Up and running for a month or so now.

Love mine! 

Devm10, Jun 25 2015 09:50

Battery Life on this unit?

Stuartc, Jun 25 2015 06:45

+1 on the Bluetooth - no issues whatsoever.

Been pleasantly surprised with the battery as well. So far a single charge has lasted about 10days (although been travelling so haven't had the GPS on much).

So far been really impressed with it!

Roadtrip, Jun 25 2015 10:12

Very nice look.

McD23, Jun 26 2015 06:46

Had mine since early April.

Zero issues.

Battery last weeks with no activity, and longest I done is about 4h30 on it and still had 60% left.

Runbikeswim, Jun 26 2015 09:33

Had the fenix3 for a while and its cool, but IMO not worth the 7500 or 8500 price tag.  I was very disappointed in the Garmin Q apps, but hopefully they will improve. I ended up selling the F3 and went back to a fenix 2.


Only issues I had with the F3 was battery life was probably half that of hat I got from the F2 ( maybe due to Bluetooth connection with my phn as on the F2 I don't use the Bluetooth )and at random intervals the F3 would get very hot, actually felt the heat on my writs…. worried me a bit.

Also read there are GPS accuracy issues, but I don’t need that accurate GPS as im not a mountaineer, for them a gps that is 10 meters out is a massive issue, for me as a runner / mtber not so much.

WrightJnr, Jun 26 2015 01:31

GPS issues resolved in the new firmware released earlier this week.