First ride: Haibike HardSeven SL pedal assist e-bike

The Haibike HardSeven SL makes use of a Yamaha electric motor to assist your pedal stroke. In all other respects, the bike is a normal mountain bike. But does it ride like a mountain bike? Watch our review to find out.

Haibike Sduro HardSeven.JPG
Haibike Sduro HardSeven 2.JPG
Haibike Sduro HardSeven 3.JPG
Haibike Sduro HardSeven 4.JPG
Haibike Sduro HardSeven 5.JPG


Guest, Oct 26 2014 10:23

no man

RyanHLouw, Oct 27 2014 07:50

Who sells this?

Iwan Kemp, Nov 11 2014 03:07

Who sells this?

If I'm not mistaking the importers are Emotion Cycling. Contact them for a dealer near you.



Iwan Kemp, Nov 11 2014 03:12

Some post Fair thoughts:


I believe bikes like these will be a tough sell locally due to the value for money. The bike as tested retails for R40k which is a lot of money considering the spec. It's not a terrible bicycle - in fact, it felt pretty good on the short, flat trail they had at the fair.


Where I do see this fitting in is for people with health problems who would still like to ride or get outside, but their health stops them from putting in all the effort. Maybe also for older people, or couples were one rides and the other would like to join without killing themselves. BUT, and yes it's a big but, then the R40k price tag comes back into play. 


When one can have a dual suspension Trance 2 27.5 with much better kit for R15k less, it would have to be extraordinary circumstances that make you opt for one of these.