Review: American Classic Argent Tubeless

American Classic's Argent wheelset is a tubeless ready aluminium wheelset aimed at road, gravel, and cyclocross riders.

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The claimed weight for the Argent wheelset is 1,392g (390g per rim) which is all the more impressive considering the width (19.4mm internal and 22mm external) and the 30 mm depth. The Argents are built with American Classic's own bladed spokes, 18 radially on the front and 24 at the rear, laced 3-cross on the drive side and radial on the non-drive side with the rear wheel's spokes grouped in threes. The brake surface is machined aluminium with wear indicators to keep you safe.


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  • Discipline: Road, Gravel, Cyclocross
  • Rims: Argent Road Tubeless 390 gram Aluminum Clincher Rims 700
  • Spokes: AC Bladed Spokes Black, AC Aluminium Nipples Silver, 18h Radial Front, 24h 3-Cross Drive, Radial non-Drive Rear
  • Weight Pair: 1,392g (Front 596g, Rear 796g)
  • Rear Spline: Shimano/SRAM 10/11 or Campagnolo 10/11
  • Included: AC Tubeless Tape Installed, AC Tubeless Valves, Cromoly QR’s
  • Optional Upgrades: Wheel Bag, Ceramic Bearings

On the Road

The Argent wheels were originally fitted with Specialized's 700x23/25c Roubaix Tubeless tyres that allowed me to run them at the maximum allowed pressure without sacrificing comfort, thanks to the wider profile. The Roubaix later made way for a set of Bontrager R3 TLR 700x24 tubeless ready tyres, for no reason other than wanting to try out another tubeless set of tyres. Although I have not suffered a single puncture since April. It has been noticeable how longer the Bontrager tyres stay inflated, needing fewer air top-ups to keep them at an optimum running pressure.


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With the generous internal width and the ability to run lower pressures (when tubeless), the wheel and tyre combo offered exceptional comfort on uneven surfaces and longer rides. Over smooth tar the bigger contact patch felt stickier and confidence inspiring with better stopping power as a bonus.


The cam-actuated, six-pawl freehub makes a satisfying noise while coasting and yields good engagement compared to higher-end offerings from some other manufacturers. Jump on the pedals and they surge forward and maintain momentum well. Running the brake blocks right up against the wheel shows some flex under heavy load, although it is more evident through the rub rather than feeling flexible under foot. Descending a pass at speed shows no sign of strain both in terms of flex and its ability to hold momentum well and, paired with the grippy tyres, make for a very fun and rewarding ride.


The 30mm depth handles Cape Town's gusts very well with no ill-manners while riding in crosswinds. Overall the performance is top-notch with the Argents having been a fit and forget affair and excellent at tackling any terrain and riding condition.


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"Strong, light, cheap - pick any two", so the saying goes. At 1392g for this R9,995.00 wheelset that is rated to carry a 107kg rider to the finish line, the American Classic Argent wheelset bucks that wisdom. Add tubeless, a wide (19.4mm internal) profile, and disc compatibility to the specification list and you have a winner on your hands.


Their tubeless nature is a genuine confidence boost , especially on our roads that are littered with broken glass and potholes.



sometime, Nov 24 2017 09:05

Great review. I've been running these wheels for 2 years now fitted with Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless 25c tyres. I'm 84kg and enjoy the comfort of being able to run these as low as 6bar pressure with no worries of pinch flats. I agree there is the slightest bit of flex when standing and pedaling hard. I've slashed one tyre and been forced to replace it, but apart from 2 punctures which self-sealed I've had no problems. The best bang for buck road wheel on the market IMO

splat, Nov 24 2017 09:35

I have had mine for a few months and am liking the extra width it gives to 25mm tyres.

Been running Gatorskins and GP4000, when they wear out I will go tubeless


Black Friday @ Evobikes: R6995


Thomo, Nov 24 2017 02:30

Great bang for buck wheelset albeit that I've got a former generation.
I believe it's just the decals which are different though.

Alastair_S1D, Nov 25 2017 09:59

Think you could do a review of the slightly deeper aero420's?

nazmo, Nov 27 2017 11:35

Great wheelset. no regrets. Wish it was more black/matt though

Goodbadugly, Nov 29 2017 06:17

I would have guessed that they would be disc compatible if aimed at cyclocross?