Review: Specialized Women's Propero II

The women’s Propero 2 is a mid-range road helmet from the wizards at Specialized. It is a more economical version of the top of the range Prevail helmet, and shares many of the fundamental features - including styling based on the 4th Dimension Cooling System with the Maserati-esque front vent (referred to by Specialized as the Megamouth port) and the Tri-Fix web splitter system for comfortable and easy strap adjustments.

Specialized Propero 3.jpg


Since there are an endless array of road/ cross-country mountain bike helmets on the market the deciding factors for most riders is a combination of price, weight, comfort, ventilation and looks. The Propero 2 delivers in all departments.


Weighing in at 239 grams the Propero is light, yet still manages to feel robust and secure on the head. The Tri-Fix webbing straps are neat and, most importantly, easy to adjust for a secure fit. They are made from 4x Drylite fabric which does not stretch when it gets wet with sweat or water.


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In terms of comfort, the Propero hits the nail on the head. The 4th Dimension Cooling ventilation is a game-changer; there is no excessive airflow, wind resistance, or distracting noise on fast descents and it is noticeably airy on a hot summer day.


The ponytail HairPort SL port is one of the most useful features I have encountered on a helmet. The annoyance of a hair elastic digging into the nape of my neck is something I hope to never experience again.


The helmet also comes with height adjustment and a micro-adjust dial which can be easily loosened or tightened while riding to ensure a snug fit. Sunglasses of varying shapes and sizes fit comfortably with the helmet thanks to the neat profile around the ear which ensures that there is space for sunglass arms.


Specialized Propero 4.jpg


One either loves or hates the signature helmet shape with the gaping front vent and aero rear profile that the Propero shares with the Prevail. I love it. It looks racey and aggressive and just a little bit space age. The women’s Propero 2 is available in a neutral Matte black/ pink or White/ emerald. Sadly no neon on the menu just yet but I am sure we will see this in the future, as the men’s model is available in a hypervisible fluorescent yellow.


With regards to safety, all Specialized helmets comply with a number of international safety standards, and thankfully I have not yet landed on my head, so it would be unfair to comment further.



No Hare, Aug 18 2016 09:34

What is the difference between male and female specific helmets?

I take note of the color and the "ponytail port" 

rock, Aug 18 2016 09:39

does the men's helmet have a different mechanism at the back? I.e. a non pony tail friendly port?

No Hare, Aug 18 2016 09:44

do you have a male colored, female specific helmet with ponytail port for guys with ponytails?

splat, Aug 18 2016 10:02

does the men's helmet have a different mechanism at the back? I.e. a non pony tail friendly port?

In The Overseas, you can buy the hairport separately
Gotta love the added 'SL' to make it just a bit cooler  :thumbup:
I see that the Propero 3 is now the current model:
(white and pink for the ladies, with the HairPort FSL II feature)

rock, Aug 18 2016 10:44

To be honest I would like the pink padding as replacement for my white (mens specific) Propero