2020 Cape Epic Cancelled

Out of concern for the health and safety of our riders and other stakeholders, following recent advice received from the Western Cape Government, we have no choice but to cancel the 2020 Absa Cape Epic due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Mediclinic, the event’s medical partner since inception and which provides services to many Western Cape events, supports the decision. The decision also has the full support of most of our sponsors, including our headline sponsor, Absa.


The event was due to start on Sunday March 15 on Table Mountain and end on March 22 in Paarl after travelling to Ceres, Tulbagh and Wellington.


I have taken this step with a heavy heart, but the health and safety of everybody involved in the event has to be paramount. At 6pm today we received the formal advice from government. Race founder, Kevin Vermaak


Kevin appealed for patience from all stakeholders, who will be contacted directly regarding the way forward.


Oufy MTB (Roadie), Mar 13 2020 07:35

Oi oi oi dunno what to say. I'm thankful that I am not the one having to make this call.

Headshot, Mar 13 2020 07:39


BigDL, Mar 13 2020 07:40

No real choice in light of all of the other cancellations. Prudent thing to do

scuzzy, Mar 13 2020 07:43

Any one of these sporting decision is tough, dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.

daveno7, Mar 13 2020 07:48

appropriate decision to make...


well done wester government for taking a lead here...the load on a local health care system with positive tests could be immense

Matchstix, Mar 13 2020 08:03

So now is good time to take some riders here out on small tours

PhilipV, Mar 13 2020 08:11

As someone who picked up a droplet spread virus at the 24hr race, I'm not going to be throwing any stones here.
This can't have been an easy decision, and my heart bleeds for the riders.

Roul, Mar 13 2020 08:19


Titleist, Mar 13 2020 08:27

Hope to see full refunds and free entries for 2021 to everyone who entered for 2020.

hansolo, Mar 13 2020 08:30

Tough decision but maybe a bit too late. Hope the riders can do it again in 2021 with their current entries.


Still alot of expenses for the organisers, participants and vendors that can't be recovered easily. 

Vetseun, Mar 13 2020 08:58

I hope that Coronavirus realises how hard some people worked to make this race enjoyable for us normal folk that would have followed it with keen interest.

DieselnDust, Mar 13 2020 09:13

now i have to keeps last years highlights another year :(

River Rat, Mar 13 2020 09:24

Tough choice but it is the right one. I feel for all those that trained hard, got their bikes sorted and were chomping at the bit to just get going. Saying there's always next year is not going to ease the pain.

copperhead, Mar 13 2020 09:41

Wow. I guess it is a massive decision. Kevin is no longer the owner but maybe he has the say. I am heartbroken for all the riders. I know what you have gone through. There is absolutely no winner here. Peace my people.

Jewbacca, Mar 13 2020 09:47

Hope to see full refunds and free entries for 2021 to everyone who entered for 2020.

Full refunds AND free entries? Surely full refunds OR free entries?

Grease_Monkey, Mar 13 2020 09:52

It is the right call, but I feel for the guys that put in all those hours and cash into preparing for Epic. It's a massive commitment, and regardless of why it was cacelled, I can imagine it must really suck...

cannibal, Mar 13 2020 10:25

As a local MTB I feel so sorry for all the riders who looked forward to this challenge. If you want to discover some of the best local tracks please send me a pm and I will guide you around. 😎

FrancoisdeVille, Mar 13 2020 10:55

Overreacting IMO. The riders should have been asked if they want to ride or not - not make a decision for them. #paybackthemoney

Capricorn, Mar 13 2020 11:18

overreacting, hmmm. How do you figure that FdV? Genuinely curious to know the thinking that shaped that perspective.

Shebeen, Mar 14 2020 01:00

I think we will only know for sure in six months time if this was the right decision or not.

Pure Savage, Mar 14 2020 04:57

Hope to see full refunds and free entries for 2021 to everyone who entered for 2020.

From an event that charges volunteers? That money is long gone. Won’t be surprised if they charge everyone a cancellation fee.

keithbe, Mar 14 2020 05:24

If the media circus, rightfully or wrongfully, is anything to go by then COVID 19 will have wiped out the planet by the end of the year.

Chingy182, Mar 14 2020 06:12

We really got lucky with the CTCT this year.


Literally missed another cancellation with a week.

Arrie, Mar 14 2020 06:16

Is all Epic Entries sponsored or does individuals take r80k to r100k out of their OWN bank account to do a race?

Asking for a friend

wessie12, Mar 14 2020 06:20

If the decision was entirely up to the Cape Epic the show would have go on but unfortunately there is other role players involved and without their thumbs up there is nothing we can do.