Adverse analytical finding - in competition test

Cycling South Africa reports that veteran cyclist Joe van der Westhuizen returned an adverse analytical finding in an in-competition test conducted by the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) on 4 October 2014 at the Engen Cycle in the City Race.
The analytical report confirmed the presence of the Anabolic Agent, Clenbuterol as well as the Glucocorticosteroid, Prednisone and its metabolite Prednisolone in his urine sample.

Mr. Van der Westhuizen waived his right to a hearing and has been found guilty by SAIDS. He received a two-year ban from all sport effective from 4 October 2014 to 3 October 2016.

Cycling South Africa respects the independence of the SAIDS process and respects the outcome. Cycling SA further reiterates its zero-tolerance approach to doping in sport and will continue working with SAIDS in the promotion of a drug-free sport via its awareness programmes and extensive testing.

All cyclists are urged to avail themselves of all the resources available to them to ensure a drug-free career in sport. In addition, all cyclists are advised to exercise extreme caution at all times with regards to any food and/or medical products they may come into contact with.


R-squared, Mar 27 2015 09:02

The whole process should be confidential, if SAIDS test then they are unlikely to have access to that information but will ask about any medications taken at the time of testing. If the drugs are not prohibited then no problem unless there are thresholds as for salbutamol.

Problem is there are thousands of recreational athletes out there with hypertension and other conditions that are routinely and effectively treated with drugs that appear on the prohibited list. SAIDS and the national federations couldn't cope with the admin if every recreational athlete doing Two Oceans, Comrades, CTCT applied for TUE. These individuals are highly unlikely to be tested and if so, could claim a retrospective TUE . If you have legitimate prescription, particularly for a well-established medical condition then I cannot see that sanctions could be applied.

GoLefty!!, Mar 27 2015 10:04

Thanks good info

Christie, Mar 28 2015 07:47

Imo doping is bad, deserve life ban, teams and directors should banned too, etc.
For a pro I could at least understand why.

For a vet racer, in SA, Im at a loss for words. I dont understand why would a VA rider risk his health for some podiums?

I wonder how his medical aid would see this, if he had health complications later in life?

eddy, Mar 28 2015 07:52

Seems like anything that ends wit "rol" is a problem.  :thumbup:

So can you get a TUE for Mielie rol ?