Canyon announces the launch of world’s first professional eRacing team

Canyon Bicycles is proud to officially announce the formation of the world’s first professional eRacing team: Canyon ZCC. Since the team’s inception, the two squads have already proved incredibly successful winning both the women’s and men’s edition of the inaugural Zwift KISS Community League – the league which sits below the better-known Super League. The team’s dominance is even more impressive considering 6 of the 10 riders also raced in the Super League representing Zwift’s Community squads. Not only this but in March, 3 riders were able to claim Zwift National Championship titles, and James Phillips claimed 2nd place in the televised live final for the British title. It is clear the team and riders have proven themselves against some of the strongest riders racing on Zwift today.

The Canyon ZCC team competes in a striking team kit that is designed and produced by Canyon.
Photo: René Zieger


The team has become famous in racing circles not only for its results but also for its striking kit, which the riders wear whilst racing in real life and in Zwift. The design and inspiration for the kit takes its visual inspiration from the early rave era in the 90s – an inspiration directly reflected in the team’s first photoshoot. “It’s about being different to the mainstream and embracing the freedom that comes with that. eRacing is still in its infancy, but we have always seen its potential and are excited to be pioneering the future of the sport”, says Team Manager Rhys Howell.


At Canyon we truly value innovation and progress. Therefore it's only natural that we're fully committed to eRacing and want to stay right at the front as this new sport evolves. Simon Summerscales, Head of Marketing & Brand


To celebrate the launch of the team, Canyon will release a limited number of 50 replica team kits that will be sold exclusively through its website These will be available to purchase from May 7th on.


The team is fully equipped with everything they need to compete at the highest level.
Photo: René Zieger


The team consists of 10 riders made up by a women’s and men’s squad, currently with 5 members each. Each rider is provided with an Aeroad CF SL, striking team kit direct from Canyon along with allowances for travel to events. Wahoo Fitness are the trainer sponsor and provide each rider with a Kickr, Headwind, Tickr and Climb, with Nuun providing nutrition. The team competes in races exclusively online on platforms such as Zwift, complete with a race radio and DS giving instructions and providing information throughout the race.


In a very short space of time, we have built an incredibly close-knit team of riders who share our vision to build the ultimate eRacing team. This is just the beginning. Rhys Howell, Team Manager



Canyon is committed to the development of eRacing and is excited about the potential of this new variation in cycling. Therefore, the Canyon R&D team in close coordination with the testing and quality engineers, are currently working on new testing procedures to ensure the compatibility of all frame platforms for use on indoor trainers. Our warranty and guarantee guidelines will be revised accordingly as soon as the technical requirements have been met.


Hairy, Apr 24 2019 04:39

Why is there no e-bike motor fitted to the waaahhoooooo indoor training bike?

Simon123, Apr 24 2019 05:30


Grease_Monkey, Apr 24 2019 07:13

This is just stupid.

xamnam, Apr 24 2019 07:36

Should rather sort out their top tubes

Shebeen, Apr 24 2019 10:12

Free bike, but no wheels?

Pure Savage, Apr 24 2019 10:28

Well I never, so so stupid. Canyon voids your warranty if you use an indoor trainer. Good job Canyon. Can we also please stop calling zwifting cycling as well... ugh.

TheJ, Apr 25 2019 06:03

OMF. Stop the planet. I want to get off. In 15 years the sport will be radio controlling a bike on the trainer while you sit on a chair controlling it. The guy with the best eye/thumb coordination wins.

LeoKnight, Apr 25 2019 07:35

I can see how this is going to become more and more common, if you consider how many big gaming tournaments there are these days and how they want to also be seen as athletes.


For me the point is, the fact that some probably checked the date again to make sure it is not 1 April does tell me that it is something that will challenge a lot of peoples perception.  

Aurora, Apr 25 2019 07:46

Seriously? This is what the are spending their sponsorship budget on? What a load...

janroul, Apr 25 2019 08:03

Make no mistake Gaming is serious business.  Millennials and Gen Z grew up on the internet.  Streaming enables a huge worldwide audience.  With the right equipment the effort is real.  This is the 21st Century. Ten years ago Uber and Airbnb did not exist, today they are both the biggest in their industries.  

shaper, Apr 25 2019 08:36

The British National Championships was streamed live on BT Sports last month with quite a big audience in studio and watching.  The Kiss racing also have a large number of viewers streaming via facebook.... so the format is there and already taking off as another E-Sports.

RocknRolla, Apr 25 2019 08:43

So much negativity on this here all-knowing hub.

If you discard how relative Zwift is in cycling today, I fear you have missed the boat already.


Sure, the purists will cry about how it's not real, and how stupid it is, but it has revolutionized indoor training by taking existing platforms like Rouvy and Trainer Road, and making it better, and more accessible.


Canyon has their marketing spot-on, they are targeting the correct market, it's not for dinosaurs, but for the up-and coming cyclists. It's talent identification made effortless. 

Shebeen, Apr 25 2019 09:22

heard on cycling podcast that Rapha have noticed that winter gear sales are significantly down, and they attribute this mainly to Zwift. it makes sense, if everyone is training indoors when the weather is crap, you're not going to sell so many Gilets and waterproof gloves

JohanMalan, Apr 25 2019 11:27

The effort may be real, but the experience is artificial.
This really represents the opposite of why I cycle.
Freedom, movement, nature.

I think this represents the disease of the current 'generation'
In the year 2525...

RocknRolla, Apr 25 2019 12:56

The effort may be real, but the experience is artificial.
This really represents the opposite of why I cycle.
Freedom, movement, nature.

I think this represents the disease of the current 'generation'
In the year 2525...


But your movement is so much faster after a couple of Aple Du Zwifts......

janroul, Apr 25 2019 08:28

Mathew Hayman won Paris-Roubaix after 5 weeks on Zwift with a broken arm, only back on the road a week before the race. 


Furbz, Apr 26 2019 08:45

E-sports is big



mountainfun, Apr 28 2019 01:46

We might hate it, but agree that this is the future...


We'll have avatars racing...  


The E-version of the TdF will be much bigger that the real thing, and you'll probably even be able to enter segments and race against the "pro's"


I think and hope there will still be a real world version, but I think will be on the margins.  The e-versions will be so realistic, safe, easy, with you being able to "ride" 5 abreast and hearing what each other says...


Dystopia for me, eutophia for others...

Haydncorke, Aug 11 2020 02:57

Just popping in here from 2020, wondering how everyone kept training during lockdown...