Where can I ride?

The months of February and March generally see a congested road racing calendar across the country. Many of you are busy training for these events, especially in preparation for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. With the increase in cyclists on the roads comes an increased risk of cyclists also being hit by a vehicle.

The PPA launched a major ‘Safe Cycling’ campaign in late 2011, striving to focus attention on a safe passing distance between vehicles and cyclists. Part of this campaign means that cyclists need to know HOW and WHERE we can ride our bicycles.
Rather than asking where we can ride – what about those roads that Cyclists are NOT permitted to cycle on?


These are either FREEWAYS or areas where Cycling Prohibited signs are displayed . Simply put, ‘freeways’ are designated as such in terms of the National Road Traffic Act. These may have different designations (N - National, R - Provincial or M - Municipal) – but if the following signs are displayed anywhere, YOU MAY NOT CYCLE there.


Designated highway.png

Designated Freeway.

No cyclists.png

Cycling prohibited.


You can ride on any other road where it makes sense to do so safely!!


So, what happens if you get hit by a vehicle when you are cycling on a road where you are not supposed to be?

  • Your chances of surviving are slim and, at best, you will probably be severely injured.
  • You are committing a traffic offence and you could be charged.
  • Your insurances may not cover you or your bicycle.
Considering the above, it just doesn’t seem worth the risk.


What then? Where and how do we ride?


We ask that motorists respect us and the laws. As cyclists we need to do the same. Only by riding responsibly where we are allowed to can we expect other road users to respect us.


Respect the laws, respect other road users: It’s a two-way street. Live to enjoy the rides!!!


Read more about the Pedal Power Association and their Safe Cycling and other campaigns on www.pedalpower.org.za


karma, Feb 25 2016 09:15

Including the bridge on Helen Suzman Blvd.


Noticed a Team Spur rider (male) on it this week.....there's even a sign...



Tomik, Feb 25 2016 11:50

And Hospital Bend!! I drove past four cyclists - 2 male, 2 female - cruising down the middle of the freeway towards Newlands. Perhaps they got lost on De Waal Drive...


I suggest PPA/the City puts up more no-cycling signs in obvious (for us) places. De Waal Drive outbound should have one...especially past the point of no return. 

hboli4, Feb 25 2016 12:24

Since the thread regarding the tragic incident in Durban I have been paying special attention to the signage when driving, noting the difference between the 'blue - freeway - illegal' signs and roadmarkings and the 'green - non-freeway - legal' ones.


They are very well marked in and around Bloemfontein.


I was guilty in the past of riding on the freeway sections(as do many roadies in Bloem) of the N1 and will ensure to ride legally from now on.

lerouc, Feb 25 2016 01:33

So if i dont see one of those highway signs the road is fine?

IH8MUD, Feb 25 2016 01:50

Froome will never see those signs  . ..  it is not on his stem. :ph34r: