Evobikes Launch New Website

Local online cycling store, Evobikes, recently launched an updated website with improved navigation, category breakdown, stock visibility and more. Now in operation for over 10 years, Evobikes has become a staple for many online shoppers, and the recent updates look to improve the shopping experience.



The biggest improvement to me is the new layout and categories, as well as the detail filtering that is now possible. Also the feature that shows if stock is at a remote warehouse and not at our warehouse. Obviously we are always dependent on supplier’s accurate stock-levels but this is a step in the right direction. Naas Kruger - Founder & CEO of Evobikes


Visibility of stock location & lead times

Stock will now be shown at either a remote warehouse (3 to 5 day lead-time) or in-stock at the Durbanville warehouse.


Evobikes have asked customers to bear with them as they continually improve the accuracy of local warehouse stock-levels. Also noting that they are first and foremost an online cycling store, suggesting customers purchase online rather than in store.




Expanded category breakdown


The new site now has a wider category breakdown in the various disciplines (road/gravel/mtb), each with their own component breakdown. For example, if you’re looking for brake pads, you can now search by discipline instead of sifting through all the products lumped together.




And much more...

The updated site includes further improvements with automatic shipping calculations for bulky items, improved sorting and filtering, wishlisting, more payment options like Zapper and InstantEFT, and a dedicated ‘On Sale’ page for the bargain hunters.


The Evobikes team have migrated all user accounts from the old site so login shouldn't be a problem. However, they have noted that as with any large scale export and import of data, there are some pricing and stock issues on the new website that should be sorted by the end of this month.



Chris_, Sep 15 2020 12:53

*Clicks to read about Evobikes..


Google says: I'll put a Bikemob banner on top of the article page..



Reme Le Hane, Sep 15 2020 05:28

Not sure about improved, it looks prettier but takes 10x longer to do anything.

DR ◣◢, Sep 15 2020 06:29

Was this tested on mobile?

Zaskar, Sep 15 2020 06:55

The new site looks good but its overly complicated. Why so many categories? Surely in most cases a stem is a stem? Why split everything into Gravel, Road Tri and MTB?

Also the picture thumbnails are too big when browsing on mobile, it just feels like you are scrolling endlessly and thats only on page 1 of however many. Infact in my opinion the thumbnail size when using the search function (showing search preview) is adequate, its only when you go into the specific item that you need a large image of the item.

splat, Sep 16 2020 08:46

Congrats on the new website


This request applies to many websites:

Please add a button where you can choose how many items in a list you would like to display when browsing (12, 24, 36 or all) and then be able to sort them on price or name or whatever.
I think that function used to be there on the previous website.

The other online shop has a 'Show All' button that doesn't do that and I find it incredibly annoying.

DR ◣◢, Sep 16 2020 08:57

Did you consider Magento 2 for your rebuild? 1.9 is archaic in comparison