Mitas joins Absa Cape Epic as official tyre partner

The Czech-based tyre manufacturer will host “tyre zones” on the route and in the race village when the world’s premier mountain bike stage race takes place in the Western Cape from 15 to 22 March.
Mitas has grown out of the renowned Rubena brand of bicycle tyres, also Czech-based. CGS, the parent company of both Rubena and Mitas, is rebranding all its cycling tyres to Mitas.

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It’s Kratos Textra tyres will be launched at the Absa Cape Epic and imprinted with the event’s logo.

“Rubena/Mitas has always set challenging goals. The reputation and ruggedness of the Absa Cape Epic as the toughest mountain race in the world provides an opportunity to further develop our mountain bike tyres,” said Pavel Nosek, the company’s sales manager. “The harsh Absa Cape Epic terrain, where riders and their equipment are pushed to the limits, is where Mitas wants to prove its worth.”

Rubena/Mitas has been developing and improving tyres over the past five years in such diverse events as the Absa Cape Epic, the Brasil Ride (in Brazil) and the Crocodile Trophy (Australia) with several riders using its equipment.

“The Rubena/Mitas tyres have been proven in the Absa Cape Epic by the SasolRacing teams, the Exxaro MTB Academy teams and (former Springbok front-row forward) Marius Hurter,” said Nosek.

The giant former Springbok commented: “I do not have the normal pro cyclist profile and therefore need a tyre that can take the punishment. Rubena/Mitas has proven its toughness to me.”

V96_SCYLLA TD black Tubeless Supra 29inch.jpg
The company has entered two strong and experienced Czech marathon specialists – Jan Jobanek and Filip Adel – as Team Mitas Superior in the 2015 Absa Cape Epic. According to Nosek, they will be testing “the new Textra technology, which has been used in the high performance Tubeless Supra (tubeless ready) tyre, which is extremely tough and light enough for racing”.

He said their recommended combination for the Absa Cape Epic is the fast-rolling 29er Scylla tyre on the back wheel with the more aggressive 29er Kratos on the front: “Scylla was a supernatural creature from Greek mythology and Kratos is the god of war!”

He reassured fans of Rubena tyres that they would be getting the same quality with Mitas: “In fact there is no difference. Rubena bicycle tyres are being gradually re-branded to Mitas bicycle tyres. Bicycle tyres will enrich the Mitas family, and the strength of the Mitas brand will enhance the promotion of the bicycle tyres while maintaining their excellent features and reputation”.

“Rubena and Mitas are well established brands in the rubber processing industry, both being part of the CGS - a privately owned Czech company,” explained Nosek. “The history of Rubena goes back to 1908, when the first lubricants and seals were produced in the city of Nachod, Czech Republic. Production of the first bicycle tyres and tubes started in 1929.

“For the past two years Rubena has been the official partner of the UCI Cross Country World Cup race in Nove Mesto na Morave (Czech Republic), which was voted as the best race in the series for four consecutive years.”

Mitas is a globally renowned brand of off-road, agricultural and industrial tyres with a history dating back to 1932. It has production facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Serbia. In 2012 production also started in Iowa in the United States.

“Rubena bicycle tyres and tubes will be gradually re-branded to Mitas, to join and strengthen the family of the largest tyre producer within the group. Both Mitas and Rubena always aim to provide customers with innovative and reliable products that will help them to excel in whatever they do, whether it is riding a bike or driving a tractor,” he explained.

“The Absa Cape Epic provides a platform to prove Rubena/Mitas tyres within the worldwide mountain bike community as one of the toughest and most durable high-performance tyres on the market. Tough, rugged and no compromise - the synergy of the two brands,” said Nosek.


rock, Feb 24 2015 08:50

for a second I though it was these guys.



Tubehunter, Feb 24 2015 08:56

Well known brand in off road and enduro motorcycle racing! That side of their product range has been making a huge impact in the South African market over the past 8 years or so already!

GoLefty!!, Feb 24 2015 08:58

Never heard of them so how huge can they be

Mackie, Feb 24 2015 09:00

Without any doubt the best Enduro Motorbike tyre in the world, not cheap, but around 90% of all hard Enduro events around the world are won on Mitas!

rock, Feb 24 2015 09:02

cyclelab was pushing the rubena tyres a while back.....

Tubehunter, Feb 24 2015 09:23

Never heard of them so how huge can they be


Their bicycle product range has been known as Rubena since 1929 I think. They are in the process of rebranding all their Rubena models as Mitas moving forward.

Headshot, Feb 24 2015 02:15

I hope they have 26" tyres or this will be an Epic fail.

MTBeer, Feb 24 2015 02:17

I hope they have 26" tyres or this will be an Epic fail.

you won't see any of those at the Epic :ph34r:

GoLefty!!, Feb 24 2015 04:10

there's very little common sense at the Epic

Hairy, Feb 24 2015 04:28

Mitas'well try them..........

Jaco-fiets, Feb 24 2015 11:42

I tried a set of rubena mtb tires about 3years ago. Never had a flat but only got around 500 or 600km from the pair. Very soft compound