National pump track series launched

The Red Bull Pump Track World Championship has already succeeded in creating a revolutionary global series with over 23 groundbreaking inaugural events around the world in 2018. More than 2000 athletes participated in over 19 countries and 67 riders competed in a World Final that saw local heroes, Olympic BMX racers and MTB World Champions compete on an even playing field. Now in 2019, the series is back with more stops, more athletes and more Pump-Action.

Introducing the National Series concept

We are excited to announce that South Africa will introduce the first National Series in 2019. Chesterville in Durban is set to host a pre-qualifier on 14 July. Eduplex in Pretoria will follow suit on 20 July with the second pre-qualifier as well as the Super Final on the same day. The top four in the male and female category from the Durban pre-qualifier will travel to the Super Final - courtesy of Red Bull - where the best riders in the country will face off for the opportunity to travel to the World Final to represent South Africa.


Kane Herbert and Andrew Neethling at the South African Qualifier 2018.jpg
Kane Herbert and Andrew Neethling at the South African Qualifier 2018 / Photo Jethro Snyders


Kane Herbert winner of the 2018 South Africa Qualifier will be at it again this year: “Representing South Africa at the World Final was incredible, seeing so many different nations come together across the MTB and BMX world is an inspiring experience. There is no way I would miss another opportunity to travel to the World Final!”


The Durban pre-qualifier will be hosted at the Chesterville Sports Grounds

The Durban event will be hosted by the GO!Durban Cycle Academy at the Chesterville Sports Grounds, which boasts multi-sport facilities and is a hub for local sporting talent. The addition of the new 1000m2 Velosolutions Pump Track there has attracted many young cyclists and skaters and is sure to set the tone for an exciting pre-qualifier.


Georgina Grassie in action .jpg
Georgina Grassie on track / Photo: Craig Kolesky


Georgina Grassie last year winner of the female category in Durban will be joining in at the Durban pre-qualifier. “Going to Arkansas for the World Final was a great experience, getting to see a different part of the world and meeting people from all over. It also showed me what standards I needed to reach, so I’ve been pushing hard to get to the Final this year because I want to be better at the next one and see all those friends again.”


Eduplex Pretoria to host a pre-qualifier and Super Final

The Eduplex private school hosts the Pretoria pre-qualifier and Super Final at their state of the art sports facilities in Queenswood - a space that is specifically designed for multiple outdoor activities and providing families with the opportunity to relax outdoors. Velosolutions designed and constructed a pump track here in November 2017 and the 211m long track - one of the largest in the world - will make for a perfect Super Final setting for South Africa.


Join us for the premier cycling event of the season in both Durban and Pretoria on 14 and 20 July respectively and an action-packed day of racing, fun and entertainment - kicking off at 8:00 am! You will be able to enjoy all of the usual entertainment, music, drinks & food on sale and a full day of pump track racing with great prizes up for grabs!


Please note that to enter the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Official Qualifier, you need to be older than 16. Make sure to register on



Headshot, Jun 19 2019 12:13

Nice. Now who is going to build us a track in Cape Town???

blackwing, Jun 24 2019 03:36

Nice. Now who is going to build us a track in Cape Town???


Yes please!!