Peschl Sports launches new Bluff Meat Supply Pro-Am Team

In an exciting move for cycling development, Peschl Sports Pro Development has partnered with Bluff Meat Supply (BMS) to launch the Bluff Meat Supply Pro-Am Team.

Peschl Sports has a strong track record in the professional cycling industry, having managed the Kargo Pro MTB Team for five years (2012 - 2016) and producing an Olympic athlete during this time. Similarly, BMS Cycling has established a credible reputation in the road cycling fraternity as a KZN-based top amateur age group squad, as well as to a lesser extent in Mountain Biking and Triathlons over the past seven years.


BMS Pro Am Team 1. From L to R Cayde Muldoon, Siya Njiva, Mncendisi Mkhize.jpg
From L to R: Cayde Muldoon, Siya Njiva, and Mncendisi Mkhize.


In 2016, Peschl Sports shifted its focus to create the sports programme for the GO!Durban Cycling Academy - KZN's first and leading cycling development initiative in partnership with the eThekwini Transport Authority. After nearly three years of successfully managing the GO!Durban Cycle Academy, Peschl Sports identified the need for an elevated team structure to progress the skills of the most promising riders.


"We are very excited about the talent we have unearthed through the GO!Durban Cycle Academy and we are eager to see what can be achieved with additional training and nutritional support for the riders," explains Shaun Peschl, Managing Director of Peschl Sports. "The Pro-Am team is the next level needed to expose riders to a more competitive racing circuit and the objective of the team is to create a bridge for riders to eventually progress from development into an exclusively professional structure."


Partnering with a company like Bluff Meat Supply who have a rich heritage of cycling and a desire to make a meaningful difference in cycling development was a natural choice for the team. The partnership will entail more than just a name on a shirt, as the BMS Cycling Team will take an active role in mentoring the pro-am team by assisting them on training rides and providing them with valuable insight into a professional set up.


BMS Pro Am Team 2. From L to R Cayde Muldoon, Mncendisi Mkhize, Siya Njiva, Lungani Mbambo.jpg
From L to R: Cayde Muldoon, Mncendisi Mkhize, Siya Njiva, and Lungani Mbambo.


"We will fuel them with the BMS competitive spirit, impart knowledge and experience, and try to get them to hold our wheel!" Bielovich says enthusiastically. "Our ambition is to support and help prepare these young athletes for the world stage. For BMS Cycling to positively impact the future of South African cycling, from our roots in KZN, will be most gratifying."


The Pro-Am team will consist of Siya Njiva (rider and assistant manager), Cayde Muldoon (rider and mentor), and top riders from the GO!Durban Cycle Academy. The team made its first official appearance at the STIHL Sharks Trail Adventure on the 2nd of December, which was the last race for the season and will be a springboard into the new year. The team will compete in KZN and selected national events.


The team will also be supported by local business partners such as Anatomic, Ceragran, Enduren, Gough Cooper Property Group, Hoopers VW, Momsen Bikes, Oceans without Limits, Squirt, Tile Styles, The Fire Tree Design Company.


mon-goose, Dec 06 2018 07:36



good thing it's not the same meat supplier as those that supplied a few international riders:)

Shebeen, Dec 06 2018 11:40

good for them, nice to see

Aurora, Dec 07 2018 02:45

Good to see something positive like this.


Siya has been around for many years already - good guy. Nice to see him back on a bike after his accident a year or 2 ago.