Spanish company Momum now available in South Africa

Momum – derived from ‘momentum’ – is a Spanish accessories brand that specialises in niche cycling accessories all of which tick two very important boxes: Function and fashion.

Owner run, Momum is the proud sponsors of MMR Factory Racing Team and Buff-Scott MTB Team.


Momum shaggy grip.jpg


We produce a wide range of products, some of which are already available in the market, others currently being prototyped through extensive R&D,” said Eduard Aguilera founder of Momum. “Some of these have been developed by us in collaboration with well-known brands and others entrusted to manufacturers without a recognised trademark, but of great worldwide prestige,” he said.


“Everything about the brand and its products revolves around the creation of speed and power - and ultimately momentum,” explained Vincent Durand, from Stage N9NE distribution, the agents for Momum in South Africa. “In addition, the products are all just really clever,” he added. “Each has one (or many more than one) unique practical element that sets it apart, and that type of thing really appeals to us,” he said.


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Momum will offer a big range of high quality accessories but the catalog is in continuous evolution with more new products set to hit SA shores in the coming months.


Currently the South African offering includes valves, grips and mudguards. Some highlights are:


TAV Valves – tubeless valves with every colour that suits your bicycle. The colour is easy to spot when you need to change tire pressure under pressure. Comes with valve cap that doubles as valve core remover.


Momum 5.jpeg


TAV Booster kit – upgrade your current tubeless valves with a splash of colour, with the added valve cap that doubles as valve core removal tool.


GERAGRIP - #1A, foam grip set apart from its various competitors in the market. It features ultra-lightweight foam. The 30mm wide grip weighs only 16g.


GERAGRIP – Shaggy (32mm) and Balboa (34mm), high quality silicone grips in a great colour selection to suit your design.


Momum Mudguard.jpg


GEOphagus - Is a front wheel mudguard with perfect dimensions to protect you from mud and maintain the clean and elegant image of your bike. The name is derived from those creatures known as earth eaters.


TAV Mousse valves - Our version of the Tubeless Aluminium Valve, specially designed for bikers who use tire inserts and sealant systems in their tyres. The side holes in its aluminium base prevent the sealant from blocking the free flow of the air coming in and out the tire. They also work as a conventional valve.


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BaGearA, Nov 07 2019 02:44

those valves look quite similar to Peaty's valves 

Bizkit031, Nov 09 2019 06:03

those valves look quite similar to Peaty's valves

Peaty’s are better