Statement: CSA meeting with KZN race organisers

This is a joint statement issued by the owners and organisers of the Karkloof Classic, sani2c, joberg2c, Eston MTB, Sharks Trail Adventure, Berg & Bush, dusi2c, Tour Durban, Amashova, Hill2HIll and ROAG.

On Monday, June 26, a group of KwaZulu-Natal event organisers representing most of the biggest cycling events in the province (both road and mountain biking) had the opportunity to meet with Cycling SA President William Newman.


The purpose of the meeting was to openly discuss the current issues that Cycling SA are experiencing as an organisation and to hear first-hand from Mr Newman the true facts and current details relating to the governing body of SA cycling.


The issues discussed included:

  • Rider insurance;
  • Financial operations;
  • Cycling SA's business model;
  • Cycling SA's staffing structures;
  • Rider licenses.
Both parties agreed after the meeting that there was an open, professional and honest discussion around these subjects.


The race organisers have received a commitment from Cycling SA that the official body will be reviewing several issues discussed and will be reporting back to the group within a set time period.


It was agreed by all that Cycling SA needed to review issues of sound financial management, corporate governance and better serving the riders of the sport. The meeting was constructive and thorough, and the race organisers believe Cycling SA recognizes that some key items need attention.


Cycling SA have agreed, in conjunction with the events, to put in place a process of addressing the issues which need action in the short and long term. Once the timelines have been agreed and finalized, and when are able to communicate further with respect to specifics, Cycling SA and the race organisers will do so.


KZN Cycling, the provincial body, stands alongside the event organisers in this regard, and as an affiliate of Cycling South Africa, are too working in the best interests of the sport to get the issues resolved.


The intentions of the group of race organisers and interested parties is always to ensure that the sport of cycling – mountain biking, road riding and all other facets of the sport – is well governed through widely acceptable business principles.


The race organisers represented included: Karkloof Classic, Sani2C, joBerg2C, Eston MTB, Berg & Bush, Sharks Trail Adventure, dusi2C, Tour Durban, Amashova, Hill2Hill and ROAG.


shaper, Jun 29 2017 01:11

So review, report back.... just carry on carrying on!!

Javas X, Jun 29 2017 02:00

Same old story! No fixed timeline!!

Phatman, Jun 29 2017 07:21

Zizi issues statements for CSA & Co. too? How to use many words to say nothing...

Tim.Whitfield, Jun 30 2017 10:17

It is unreasonable to expect the CSA President to make unilateral decisions at a first meeting to discuss issues -- it is simply sound governance for him to have to consult with his executive. In another statement to a magazine: We need to allow CSA time to respond and show progress on the commitments made, and in that regard they have a set period after having received the minutes yesterday, to come back to us as a group.  We have made it clear as a group that our expectation is that urgent action is taken on certain matters, and the next few days/weeks will detail whether our discussions were taken seriously.  Until that process has run its course, we feel it is fair to keep the finer details behind closed doors, but please be assured that we have every intention of ensuring the process is eventually open book and inclusive of media, riders and federations in order to contribute.

Adrian Fogg, Jun 30 2017 04:00

Will be interesting to hear the outcome of this!!!!!!!!

woodzza, Jul 20 2017 09:41

a few weeks down the line now .. any movement regarding CSA moving in the right or wrong direction?