Survey: Gateway-2-Gateway mountain bike trail

Over the last five years, many mountain bikers from Johannesburg and beyond would have had the opportunity to ride the Gateway-2-Gateway mountain bike trail situated on the outskirts of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (COHWHS). The trail is 31km long (built in two stages of 18km and 13km) and was completed in early 2018.

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site Management Authority is currently performing survey work, counting both physical numbers using the trail, as well as gathering trail user’s information, opinions and recommendations on the trail.


If you have ridden the Gateway-2-Gateway Cradle mountain bike trail at least once, the COHWHS Management Authority would be grateful for five minutes of your time to complete a survey at the following link:


The survey includes demographic questions, questions about the trail, and questions that will help provide an understanding of how support and use of the trail contribute to the economic and social sustainability of the area. Your answers are greatly appreciated, and if you are able to share the survey with like-minded riders that would be helpful to the project.


For any questions, please contact Hein Pienaar on +27 82 454 6617


Schnavel, Apr 03 2019 03:54



Keep up the great work! Love this bit of trail