Switchback Sports named the Southern African distributor of Wheels Manufacturing

Wheels Manufacturing (Wheels MFG), one of the world’s largest suppliers of high-quality bottom brackets, derailleur hangers, small parts and specialty tools, now fully supported in SA.

The local team of Switchback Sports (Charles Keey and Harry Orr) have been named the distributors of the globally renowned Wheels MFG.


For those not in the know, Wheels MFG started in 1988 in Boulder Colorado as a small machine-shop producing cog removal tools and spacers, but quickly grew into a large-scale manufacturing operation that produces over 1 000 different products that are all machined to exact tolerances using the highest quality materials.


Wheels MFG.png


While this may not sound like the most exciting news to the everyday consumer who relies on their LBS to fix the ticks, tocks and knocks that their bikes make, workshop managers and mechanics can rejoice as the never-ending quest to find the correct derailleur hanger or bottom bracket has now been offered a shortcut in the form of Wheels MFG’s extensive offering www.wheelsmfg.com.


Wheels MFG.jpg


The bike industry’s standards are constantly evolving and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up and stock all the variations of bottom brackets, hangers etc. Wheels MFG’s offering helps alleviate theses stresses by having an option for almost any occasion/problem. We are really excited to see more bike shops across SA adopt this brand for its high-quality and diverse offering. Charles Keey



gummibear, Jul 16 2019 04:32

That bearing press set is pure porn.

Christian van Zyl, Jul 17 2019 10:20

Looks amazing.. Congratulations!