Test ride the 2017 SCOTT range at your local trail

After hosting successful demo days in Gauteng, SCOTT Sports Africa will be running a series of countrywide demo days for you to test ride the 2017 SCOTT range of bikes, including the all-new Spark platform that took top honours in at the Rio Olympics.

Scott Sports Africa Demo Day 1.jpg


The SCOTT demo day tour will visit trails in Durban, Pietermaritzberg, Bloemfontein, the Garden Route, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town. At each demo day you will be given the opportunity to ride the all-new Spark bikes that took gold in Rio as well as try out a wider-wheeled Plus bike. The dates and venues are listed below.


For an idea of what to expect, watch the video from the Pretoria demo day at the Big Red Barn trails:


All you need to bring along is your riding gear, shoes, and pedals. There will be limited Shimano pedals available, but to be safe bring your own.


The demo day is free, but an ID book or driver’s license, as well as car keys, will be required as a deposit before setting off on the trail with your demo bike.


The demo days will run from 8AM to 3PM, on each of the dates listed below. To book a slot in advance, please contact Tammy at tamerin.ballen@scott-sports.co.za.


For all the latest information, follow SCOTT Sports Africa on Facebook here.


Scott Sports Africa Demo Day 2.jpg


Mr. G, Jan 17 2017 05:17

What about Gauteng?

PeterF, Jan 17 2017 05:43

What about Gauteng?

Read the first sentence again. :)

Iwan Kemp, Jan 30 2017 01:35

I see Scott have uploaded a video from the KZN event


MrJacques, Jan 30 2017 08:40

Looking forward - I'll gladly swap my car keys for a Spark - its worth more than my car :)

Robbie Stewart, Jan 30 2017 08:49

Can't wait to ride these in CPT this weekend.




Presently stuck across the border for work, so amping to ride again. What better way to celebrate my return than to ride a new bike.

Dexter-morgan, Jan 30 2017 08:53

I am in Gauteng and I missed it!!!

Hairy, Jan 30 2017 08:57

Hoping the AM / Trail bikes will also be on test :)

bullet77, Jan 30 2017 09:07

Hopefully testing the 920 in PE on Wednesday.

MrJacques, Jan 31 2017 10:27

Next time please do the demo days over a weekend - it's kinda difficult to attend in work hours. 

Andrew_Smith, Feb 04 2017 12:38

Went this morning with my dad.


We started both with the Spark 910 and wow such an amazing ride!

Originally booked the Spark RC, but wasn't available due to the fact that we were 5 mins late. Did not worry to ride it anyway, as it was pretty much full carbon.


Okes at Scott was friendly and the bike was set according to how you want it. Did the B-Spot and the climb following it afterward, but did took the shortcut through the vineyards, because my dad is not so fit.


I then took the Genius 720 Plus for a spin, this time going on my own. Went to Terra and what a breeze it was! Those big wheels make a huge different and the suspension is in the other league!


Really enjoyed the demo expo and hope to see them next year as well.

JCA12, Feb 04 2017 04:24

Awesome fun riding at the Scott Test Day. The new bikes are seriously impressive. Tested out 2017 Scott Spark RC Pro, Spark 910 920 and Genius 720 Plus.

The RC Pro is very light and quick. The new 910 and 920 Sparks were great fun to ride. And the Genius 720 Plus was seriously impressive. The 2.8 tires had crazy grip.

Thanks to Scott for a great test day.
Now to look at my finances...

fusion01, Feb 05 2017 08:02

Thanks Scott SA. Strava logged just over 2 hours and 30km's on a 920, 910 and RC Pro. Interestingly I was fastest on the trail version both up and down yet the RC was faster in segments that required more tight manoeuvring such as the one switchback section. Guys were extremely helpful and friendly, open to chatting and making all sorts of specific adjustments for me without a gripe.

I'd take a 920 swop to a 1x with a 1x46 XT cassette, 34 or 36 ring, carbon bar, Spez Power saddle, XTR shifter + pedals and all done. As someone who does long-ish rides of 4 hours + (over 5 on a marathon with my heavy trail bike) I think the RC a little tiring with so much trail chatter but maybe much was down to the skinnier tyres and not the suspension, I'm not sure. But I like to run 2.35 / 2.4 tyres and the Spark RC only supports up to 2.3 widths (the standard Spark supports up to 2.4 according to the brochure so rim widths are different). Thanks again Scott, great bikes, trails and weather!!