Italian-based Team Trek-Pirelli withdraw from Cape Epic

There are times when difficult decisions has to be taken, decisions that go far beyond our sport.

Photo credit: Michele Mondini


Given the extremely difficult situation in Italy due to the Coronavirus, Team Trek-Pirelli has decided not to leave for South Africa to participate in the Cape Epic 2020.


An inevitable decision not only to safeguard the health of athletes and all staff, but also to secure all participants in an important race such as the Cape Epic.


Although the trip of the whole team could have been possible as dictated by "job motivations" according to the rules of the Italian Government's DPM, Team Trek-Pirelli decided that in this extremely difficult situation the best choice was to respect the "good practices" dictated by the government: stay in Italy and not participate in the Cape Epic 2020.


"It was a really painful decision - said team manager Marco Trentin - and we still struggle to digest it, but because of the COVID all our flights have been canceled by Turkish Airlines, also the Italian government has promulgated a ban on travel first for the residents in Lombardy (Samuele Porro) and in the province of Treviso (Damiano Ferraro), then for all the Italian inhabitants. We then spoke with Trek South Africa office about the situation in the country and this has us made to reflect on some not secondary points. We therefore thought that avoiding the participation of the Team Trek-Pirelli in the Cape Epic 2020 was the right decision to make both for our athletes and for the health of many other people.


We do not hide the displeasure behind this decision. The guys and all the staff were ready to give 110% in the race to achieve better goals than the previous editions, but we believe that the situation is bigger than we are and that at the moment this is the correct decision to make. "


We hope that those who passionately follow the Team Trek-Pirelli will understand this decision and support us as they always did even in this difficult moment.


We also want to be an example for all athletes out there to limit travel as much as possible, to allow the MTB season in Italy to start without further problems in the shortest possible time, to give us all the opportunity to return to having fun on our beloved bicycles.


SCD, Mar 12 2020 11:37

Respect to the team for this decision. Keep up the good spirit and stay healthy!

Rocky999RSL, Mar 12 2020 01:03

Can I ride in their spot? I am free next week ;)