Rocky Mountain Bicycles to sponsor the inaugural Snow Epic

The Canadian company was one of the first to recognise the Snow Epic’s potential and shipped out a prototype of its new fatbike – the Rocky Mountain Blizzard – to Engelberg, Switzerland, for the trial ride of the Snow Epic in April this year.
rocky snow epic.jpg

Now it will sponsor the Rocky Dual, a floodlit dual slalom event that promises to be the most exciting of the five separate Snow Epic races during the January 14 to 18 winter festival of biking.

Christoph Noser, responsible for marketing at the Swiss Rocky Mountain distributor, CHRIS sports, explained the thinking behind the partnership: “Rocky Mountain Bicycles has not only been building great bikes, but has also been building the culture of mountain biking around the world. Therefore it is also the aim to promote fatbiking amongst the mountain biking community.

“That’s why Rocky Mountain will be a partner of Snow Epic. It is the sort of innovative and pioneering event that fits perfectly with the Rocky Mountain brand and will provide the best opportunity to prove Rocky Mountain Blizzard’s ride quality on snow, or any terrain.”

The spectator friendly Rocky Dual will be competitive, but also a fun event. Competitors would do well to brush up on cornering skills and powder sliding. The Rocky Dual will take place on the evening of Friday, January 16.

All Snow Epic competitors will be on fatbikes, the super-sized wheel phenomenon, and Rocky Mountain Blizzards will be available to those wishing to rent a bike.

The Blizzard is one of the first fatbikes to be developed with a suspension fork, the Rock Shox Bluto RL.

“In order to live up to the legendary Blizzard name, our goal was clear: create a true ‘mountain-bike-feeling’ fat bike. With suspension-optimised design, progressive geometry, and a truly capable parts specs, the Blizzard delivers Rocky Mountain ride quality on snow, sand, and anything else you get yourself into,” said Rocky Mountain.

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain team have already travelled to the slopes of Engelberg to do some testing in preparation for the big event and to make sure the rider experience is “perfect”.


lesego.2, Nov 18 2014 08:12

Can't wait to see this race