84 year old finishes the KAP sani2c partnered with his grandson

Arthur Duncan, aged 84, has completed the renowned KAP sani2c 3 day MTB race, 265 kms of tough mountain biking from Underberg in the southern Drakensberg to Scottburgh on the South Coast in KZN. Arthur is an accomplished road and MTB cyclist, despite only taking up the sport in his sixties.

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Arthur Duncan (84) and Keira Duncan (18) arrive at Mackenzie Club on Day 1 of the KAP sani2c 2019 Adventure. Credit: Em Gatland


Taking part in the Adventure version of the event was a family affair as Arthur was paired with his 18 year old grandson Keira Duncan, the Men’s 2018 SA Enduro Champ. Son-in law Stuart Watson and grandson David accompanied the two and with strong support from all three, Arthur made it to the finish line at Scottburgh.


“It went very well, Stuart and David stayed with us for half the race, and I will be honest, each of them took a turn to help me up some of the steep hills! As the years tick by you lose a bit of your muscle mass but I pushed and persevered and I am so thrilled to get here. This is a very special event for me as its my eighth one. I did the first six sani2c events and I have been fortunate to see it grow from its very beginnings to the iconic event it is today.”


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Arthur Duncan (84) and Keira Duncan (18) arrive at Jolivet on Day 2 of the KAP sani2c 2019 Adventure. Credit: Em Gatland


“It is very important to look after yourself as you get older, not only with exercise, but with diet as well. It is vital for elderly people to get active in some form of physical activity. For me though I do train really hard, and I do exercise with weights to retain muscle mass. Mountain biking is wonderful and that is where my passion lies; you get to ride and experience places you would never otherwise get to see.”


“We are so proud that Arthur and Keira have completed the KAP sani2c together”, says race founder ‘Farmer’ Glen Haw. “Arthur is an inspiration to so many of us and embodies the spirit of sani2c. While we cater for the elite athletes in the Race, we have the Trail and the Adventure versions of sani2c which attracts the full spectrum of rider.”


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Arthur Duncan (84) and Keira Duncan (18) finish the KAP sani2c 2019 Adventure. Pictured with them is race founder Glen Haw. Credit: Dave Macleod


The Trail version of the KAP sani2c ran from 14-16 May, the Adventure was 15-17 May and the Race finishes on Saturday 18 May.


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Leon O, May 20 2019 10:33

Now that is inspiring for all of us!!

Well done!!

Cookie88, May 20 2019 05:38

Respect to these guys - I rode the Trail event last week with my Father who is 82 and second oldest in the field this year. Absolutely awesome for us to experience this together. Biggest challenge at this age is the length of time it takes the rider to recover - makes the third day particularly challenging.

robbybardsley, May 23 2019 07:23

Absolutely Fantastic...Well done, an incredible achievement.