Erik Kleinhans wins second Amarider 100Miler title

The 8th annual Amarider 100Miler, presented by Bike Hub, took place in perfect weather conditions on Saturday, 21 May. Record times were ridden and eventually Erik Kleinhans from Team Topeak Ergon finished in 05h41, becoming the first rider to win the race twice. Adriaan Louw from Contego was second in 05h44 with Stephen Ihlenveldt in third with a time of 06h02.

Amarider 100Miler.jpg

Starting at 07h30, riders were led on a 5km neutral prossesion through Malmesbury’s streets before heading on a anticlockwise loop of the Swartland including the Perdeberg, Porseleinberg areas before circumnavigating the Kasteelberg and the towns of Riebeeck Kasteel and Riebeeck West. Adriaan Louw was in the lead by the first waterpoint, but after the halfway mark at Delico, Erik took the lead to the finish. The 50Miler event over 80km started at the halfway point at Delico Butchery and followed the 2nd half of the 100 Miler course. Max Sullivan took the win in 3 hours 4 minutes. John Gesselleen and Sean Grobler were second & third over the line.

Nadia Visser was first for the woman in the 100Miler race and finished 15 minutes before Jeanie de Villers in a time of 6 hours 42 minutes. Team Brandslang was the the first 4-man team with the following riders: Tom Figl, Paul Horsford, Peter Marais and Mark Boddy. Full results on

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This year the event partnered with the Malmesbury Cycling Club who provided support services to the race. The club intends to use the funds generated through this project to develop more singletrack in and around Malmesbury.

The spectator points were very popular and riders enjoyed great food & drinks at the refreshment stations and lunch & breakfast stops.

The day will be remembered for the magnificent scenery and perfect Autumn weather. Almost 900 riders entered, just under 800 started and just under 700 finished the route before cut-off.

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Sparki 1, May 23 2016 04:37

i need to get me one of those aero helmets to make me go faster. But it seems you need to scoop air thru your mouth as well to cool your head down :w00t: 


well done on your victory Eric :clap:

jughead_dave, May 23 2016 08:20