Race Report: Contermanskloof WP DH#3 and SA DH#3

The Contermanskloof track in Durbanville came alive with action on Sunday 19 May when it hosted the WP DH #3 and the SA DH #3 events simultaneously. The track was littered with spectators from the rock garden to the finish. The course was really dusty and really loose with a very strong head-wind. The dusty track had plenty of exposed rock that made for tricky conditions.

Gary Scholtz Dawid Bekker 111.jpg
Dawid Bekker. Photo credit: Gary Scholtz.


A big thank you must go to our sponsors and local supporters who made the race possible. Thanks to SRAM for the cash to cover certain costs for the day, offering a spot-entry-prize and for paying for our new, super cool podium. A big thanks to Toyota Culemborg who sponsored WP DH with two 4X4 vehicles which were beautifully branded with the WP logo. They provided a rather grand Toyota Fortuner and a very sleek-and-able, 4X4 towing bakkie. Thanks also to Freight Factory who supplied a monster, Nissan 4X4 which was able to reach the very top effortlessly. Contermans is very steep to shuttle and the riders were whisked to the top effortlessly. A brand new, much loved edition to WP DH is the new 10-seater trailer sponsored by club members. The riders described it as “sheer luxury” to be seated on comfortable chairs while being shuttled to the top.


Johann Potgieter (2:06:465) local WP rider, now living in the Eastern Cape, took top honours and the win with his (as usual) flawless, smooth racing. Theo Erlangsen (2:09:153) followed closely behind in second place and well done to Nico Velasco (2:13:233) for third place honours. Johann has (almost) won all three of the SA DH Series events, with only Greg Minnaar (who’s he?) beating Pottie in the first event in KwaZulu Natal. After three events, Johann holds the top spot on the national log. Incidentally, Nico, Jason du Toit and Duran van Eeden are currently all posting excellent times, resulting in a podium-swapping dance.


Gary Scholtz Gary Barnard 109.jpg
Gary Barnard. Photo credit: Gary Scholtz.


The Junior Men’s category has Jasper Barrett (2:15.427) riding extremely well. He seems to be preparing himself for next year by already competing against the elite men. There is however a really interesting ding-dong battle in the next few junior men places between Matthew van Rosenveld (2:31) Maximillian Wolfson (2:35) and Ethan Parr (2:36). Well done to these three junior men, keep racing hard.


Ike Klaassen (2:27:471) took line honours in the Youth Men category with Morgan Louw (2:30) and Rory Kirk (2:37) hot on his heels. Dawid Bekker (2:32) continues to dominate his class of Sub Junior Boys.


Not to be outdone, the ou-manne Veteran Men, came out in full force on Sunday (seven entries) posting some quick, very respectable times. Welcome back boys. Gary Barnard (2:20:534) reclaimed the top podium-step and placed seventh overall, with Myles Kelsey, Pieter Rossouw and Peter Futter right behind him. It is a great day when WP DH can attract riders in both nippers and vet-classes. Unfortunately we need to work on our ladies’ numbers. Well done to our two ladies Jess Gwynne Evans (elite) and Charlotte Wolfson (youth) for attempting and taming this fast, technical course. You are an inspiration to all the lady spectators.


Gary Scholtz Johann 102.jpg
Johann Potgieter. Photo credit: Gary Scholtz.


The ice-cream gangsters classes continue to grow. Top sprog boy, Pieter Venter (3:27) and Nipper stars, Heiko Basson (4:00) and Christian Bekker (4:03) continue to add huge flavour to the events. These boys have heaps of fun and play together like old friends on race day.


Congratulations to all the new SA Champs from within the Western Province fold. They all won their classes at the SA Champs at Afriski:


Elite men: Theo Erlangsen
Junior Men: Jasper Barrett
Youth Men: Ike Klaassen
Sub Junior Men: Dawid Bekker
Sprog Boys: Zak Jones
Youth Women: Charlotte Wolfson


A big thanks to all the DH Committee Members but especially to our chairman, Chris Nixon and Race Director, Keith Erlangsen, for all that they do to make it happen on the day. WP DH wishes all those students writing exams, good luck and bon voyage to all members traveling in the July holidays. Best wishes and safe, fast riding to all our top riders competing in iXS and World Cup races in Europe this season. Theo Erlangsen, Johann Potgieter, Stefan Garlicki, Jasper Barrett, Duran van Eeden, Matt Minter, François du Toit …and all the others that I don’t know about! Also a big up to all those visiting Morzine or there a-bouts to simply ride your bike and have fun.


Our next race is pegged for 26, 27 October, but don’t hold us to this date, anything could happen between now and then! Keep cycling.


Mlani Basson Ice Cream gangsters.jpg
Ice Cream gangsters. Photo credit: Mlani Basson.


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well done to all. I don't have a pair to do these things, but absolutely admire those that do