Set your sights on the KAP sani2c 2020 challenge

Entries are now open for the 2020 KAP sani2c, the bucket list 3 days of riding from Underberg to Scottburgh in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Three versions of the event, the Trail, Adventure and Race, take place between 12 and 16 May. We spoke to riders who already have their 2020 early bird entries in, some of whom are stoked to be ticking off a bucket list item, and others who are back to do their tenth sani2c.

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Sheldon Barnett from Pretoria was looking for a challenge to get fit and his doctor had suggested he stop running and take up cycling as he has had two knee ops. That was when he got the call from friends saying they had signed up for the sani2c 2020.


“Initially after entering I thought ‘Damn, what have I done’, but I spent some time on the sani2c website and decided it looks like fun. We are occasional weekend warriors up for a challenge and this is now a great motivator to get fit.”


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Gareth Reeves from PE is a Director at Compendium Insurance Brokers. The company has entered 13 teams and will be taking clients and friends along for the Adventure. Gareth says it took little convincing to get Group CEO Rowan Jones to sign up the 13 team entries - 2020 will be Rowan’s 6th sani2c. “This will be my first MTB stage race,” says Gareth.


“After friends came back from this year’s event saying it’s the best thing they had ever done, I knew I had to make it happen and now we will be hosting a big group.”


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Teagan McFall from Durban has also entered the Adventure, her second stage race and first sani2c: “My father competed in the sani2c 2019 Adventure for the first time and I went up to support him and his partner. I witnessed the strong sense of camaraderie amongst the riders which showed the true meaning of cycling. The atmosphere was amazing, the excitement palpable and every rider I chatted to spoke highly of the tracks, describing them as ‘challenging and in great condition’. After all of that, how could you not want to enter such a well-organized and challenging race?”


Wybrand de Kock from Alberton will be completing his tenth sani2c next year, which will earn him ‘Black Mamba’ status from the organisers. He says: “the route, the people and the contribution we can make to the lives of people along the sani2c route, through doing something that we love, keeps me coming back. Every year the total experience just gets better and better.”


He says to people contemplating entering: “Do it, you won’t regret it, unless you don’t train enough.”


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Photo Kelvin Trautman


Leon Tobias from Joburg will also become a Mamba in 2020. He says that the trails just get better every year and “Farmer” Glen Haw and the team are legends for putting it out there and making it accessible to riders.


Apart from the riding, one of Leon’s many highlights is sleeping amongst the macadamia trees at Jolivet Farm after Day 2. To those coming for the first time he says: “they should know that they are in for a treat, and that they should start saving as they will be back the following year.”


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Photo Anthony Grote


Timo le Roux from Villiersdorp in the Western Cape, another 2020 Mamba, says: “The route changes every year, the scenery changes with the weather, but the people stay friendly and the input into the community is visible,” he said.


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Photo Anthony Grote


Lianne Zermattan from Joburg was inspired after her son Dieter and his wife Samantha did the sani2c last year. She says she is a weekend rider and has done a few single day races but this will be her first stage race. “It’s been a bucket list item for me. I will be turning 60 next year so it seemed like a good time to do a stage race. Dieter encouraged me to enter and suggested I do the Trail given my age and experience,” she said.


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Photo Anthony Grote


Lianne is not the only one for whom the sani2c is a bucket list item. Beverley Binder from Scottburgh says this will be her first stage race although she has been riding socially and doing the odd race for the past 10 years.


“I have had sani2c on my bucket list for many years and finally decided to take the plunge. I am doing the Trail as I heard that it’s the more social of the 3 races, and I know that it will suit me better. I've known about sani2c for many years as I live in the area, and I’ve helped at the finish on a number of occasions,” she said.


If you are not familiar with the KAP sani2c and would like insight into the three different events, check out this article.



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