Walsh is King of the 24Hour with 7th Solo Win

The 24Hours of Oak Valley has been running for many years by Dirtopia and in 2020, Dane Walsh took the Solo male rider category win for the 7th time with 31 laps! That is 385km and 8215m of climbing and a technical mountain bike course of over 12km. Truly remarkable what spirit he has, but he could not do it without his wife’s support. Always feeding him at the start/finish as needed. It takes a special mentality and strategy to keep on riding for the full duration. Dane never brings a tent…



Close second was Murray Craib with 30 laps and 3rd Lurich Smith with 29 laps.




In the Solo ladies, the Oak Valley sponsored Bianca Silberbauer rode 24 laps and beating most of the men's field! Desiree Strydom and Almari de Milamber took 2nd and 3rd respectively.




In the four-man team open category and overall winners the Brakpan team ended with more than 40 laps after the 24Hour period. Riders Karel & Matthew Keyser, Gys Malan and Louis Strijdom could stick together through the night.


The PRG Sprite team with 5 riders won the junior category and second overall.




Other categories were Mixed team with Bosstap, OneFourZero with Wheel Deal team the winners and the Fun Class. All provisional results on trailtag.co.za.


But the event was again about the spirit of camping and mountain biking with over 450 campers on Saturday night. The evening was mild, but the daytime riding was hot! Ice cold Powerade was served at the transition area and lube station. During the night the course were quieter and took a different feel. Sunday morning you could see hundreds of wheels have covered the route. It was very dusty, and you could see on the legs of participants, who has done the most laps...


All in all a fun weekend was had by all on & off the track.


The twist is that the next event is only in 2022, giving you plenty of time to train or mentally prepare!


Let’s see if Dane will be back to defend his title of King of the 24Hour.




Hairy, Feb 03 2020 04:59

that is a big winning ride!

Patchelicious, Feb 03 2020 05:23

Well done Veloria!!!

RLucas, Feb 04 2020 12:57

and well done Mrs Velouria!!

Velouria, Feb 05 2020 05:10

and well done Mrs Velouria!!

Yip - she's the real champ in all this!

MrJacques, Feb 06 2020 10:36

Fantastic Photos!

boink, Feb 06 2020 03:31

7 wins, amazing!!!! But isn't that an uneven number??

Velouria, Feb 10 2020 11:45

7 wins, amazing!!!! But isn't that an uneven number??

Thanks Mike. 7 is a good number. It is a lucky number. And now it is my happy number.


The problem with the next even number is that it is 8. And 8 feels like it is two short of 10. And I am too old for that!