End of an era for XTERRA South Africa

After 16 exciting years of off-road triathlon racing, the organizers of XTERRA South Africa have announced that the event will not be hosted by Stillwater Sports in 2020.

Bradley Weiss wins XTERRA SA Championship.jpg
Bradley Weiss claims gold at the 2019 XTERRA SA Championship in Grabouw. Photo Credit: Mark Sampson


“We’ve had 16 wonderful years of hosting XTERRA in South Africa,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director Stillwater Sports.


“A highlight on SA’s multi-sport calendar, watching the event grow from year to year has been an incredible experience. We had fourteen exciting years of working alongside XTERRA International, who owns the rights to XTERRA world-wide.


In 2017 XTERRA International welcomed new ownership and unfortunately we’ve been unable to come to an agreement for 2020 and thereafter. We are proud of the fact that for a number of years XTERRA SA has donned the crown of the largest XTERRA in the world.


Haley Preen wins XTERRA SA Championship.jpg
Haley Preen claims gold at the 2019 XTERRA SA Championship in Grabouw. Photo Credit: Mark Sampson


South Africa also boasts three world champions in Conrad Stoltz (2001, 2002, 2007 and 2010), Anke Erlank (2001) and Bradley Weiss (2017 and 2019). A big congratulations to Bradley for claiming his second world championship title this past Sunday! Another XTERRA SA Warrior that dominated the XTERRA racing scene for years is Dan Hugo and let’s not forget about the impressive achievements from SA’s age group contestants at the World Championship in Maui each year.


We are proud to be able to close off XTERRA SA on such a high note. We would like to thank all our sponsors for their unwavering support. Without them the event would not have been possible. Lastly to each and every XTERRA athlete thank you for being part of the XTERRA family. Your support over the last 16 years had a valuable impact on the overall experience of the event.”


SeaBee, Oct 29 2019 03:13

We were just talking about it being strange that the XTerra entries are not open yet a short while ago at the office. 


Hopefully the event will still be on. 


Weird to have this news on top of the Cape Mile cancellation (due to sponsor withdrawal) as well.

Shebeen, Oct 30 2019 12:58

stillwater sold wines2whales to epic dudes

lost the licence to this moneyspinner

shut down africanX trail run



looks like they're down to origin of trails and some funruns.


Shebeen, Oct 30 2019 12:59

used to dig xterra when Nissan sponsored it.

got loads of stuff, and it wasn't fancy.


the knysna one meant i didn't even have to swim