Jailbreak moves to a sweeter spot

The Jailbreak Triathlon, taking place on 10 December, will be held in the Slanghoek Valley this year, as the drought stricken Dam on Doran Vineyards is currently not ideal for swimming.

Jailbreak Tri -1.jpg


“We’ve decided to use the fantastic location of Slanghoek Valley outside Rawsonville where we recently held the Slanghoek Triathlon,” says Pieter du Plessis, race director and founder of Iqela Events, the host for the popular Western Cape Jailbreak Triathlon. “We’re very excited to be revitalising this well-known triathlon.”


This themed race starts at the Breeland Cellar in the Slanghoek Valley, with athletes and sponsors nominated to be “parole officers” or “prime suspects”. All athletes compete hard to win their “freedom” at the end of the race, and great prizes are up for grabs.


Jailbreak Tri -2.jpg


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