BMC partners with Team Dimension Data

BMC Switzerland is excited to announce a new partnership with Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, as of the 1st of January 2019, for three years. This is a significant move bringing innovative BMC bike technologies and BMC's pedigree in World Tour cycling together with Team Dimension Data's ambitions to forge a new age and truly global acting cycling team, offering much more than just 'racing' to its loyal fans and followers.

After the passing of BMC founder Andy Rihs this April, many stories around BMC Switzerland and its future in racing have been circulating. BMC is grateful to Continuum Sport, Jim Ochowicz and his team, operating the BMC Racing Team successfully over the past decade. We have enjoyed many major victories together, including the Tour de France, TTT World Championships and Olympic gold, which laid the important base, shaping the best and fastest road bikes in world. After this successful partnership it is now good timing for both sides to embrace change. BMC Switzerland wishes Jim Ochowicz and everyone at Continuum Sport all the best on their plans moving forward.


This new partnership with Team Dimension Data now guarantees BMC's future in World Tour cycling and Andy Rihs legacy and vision for innovative bikes and racing will live on. This is an exciting moment for all BMC supporters and fans around the globe to celebrate and get behind this new project. We are excited to share this next chapter with you.


“We are very thankful to Continuum Sports and all the riders for the success we have achieved together as the ‘BMC Racing Team’. BMC’s DNA is racing; this was driving Andy and is driving us today. We want to ensure Andy’s legacy and that of BMC continues in a sustainable and progressive manner, in line with today’s demands. Joining Team Dimension Data is much greater than purely ‘racing’, we will bring our credibility, building the fastest bikes in the world and combine our visions, being stronger together.” David Zurcher, CEO BMC Switzerland.


“We are delighted to be joining forces with BMC Switzerland as we take a significant step forward into the future for our team. BMC’s outstanding track record speaks for itself; and to be able to call on their world-leading technology starting 2019, will see us compete consistently among the very best teams on the World Tour. We are a team that, through title sponsor Dimension Data, are focused on innovation thanks to their ground-breaking technology and BMC joining us is a natural fit. The rise of Team Dimension for Qhubeka has been meteoric and this new partnership will ensure that trajectory is continued into the future. Our shared goals are completely aligned in the continued belief that ‘bicycles change lives’, through the Qhubeka charity, and we are delighted that BMC will continue this journey with us. Andy Rihs left an indelible mark on our sport; and it’s a privilege to be able to be the team that will continue to honour his legacy and the passion that he had for cycling”. Douglas Ryder, Principal Team Dimension Data


We encourage riders and fans to use the hashtag #WeRideForAndy in memory and solidarity for what Andy has given to the world of cycling and celebrate the remaining 2018 season.


Pure Savage, Jul 23 2018 11:17

Hmmm some cheap Cervelo's on the hub soon? 

DjCyclist, Jul 23 2018 12:35

How cheap is cheap lol

FootballingCyclist, Jul 23 2018 02:03

No World Tour teams on Cervello's then next year, Can't be too good for the brand themselves.

RossW, Jul 23 2018 02:13

https://www.cyclingw...-sources-380358 Some things mentioned in the article have happened and some may never. Interesting read though.

FootballingCyclist, Jul 23 2018 02:37

No World Tour teams on Cervello's then next year, Can't be too good for the brand themselves.

Nevermind, I forgot about them moving to Sunweb...

Trek man, Jul 23 2018 06:31

Team D data suck what a waist of time

Ttocs, Jul 24 2018 05:37

DD at the bottom of world ranking list, hope he has budget to buy riders with actual UCI point and drops the donkeys who cannot finish a race. Aka broken missile and Mini Re