Shan Wilson served six-year ban for doping violations

A year-long investigation and tip-offs from whistleblowers have resulted in bans for three cyclists in the past 18 months, says the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS).

The organisation’s CEO Khalid Galant revealed that the convictions arose from “phase one of an investigation being undertaken in collaboration with the Department of Priority Crimes and Investigations (the Hawks)”. The investigation would “continue to look at athletes, medical doctors, coaches and trainers and whether they have a role in a doping supply network”.


SAIDS announced that one of the three was veteran mountain biker Shan Wilson, who has been banned for six years after being found guilty on five counts. These were:

  • The presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in a sample;
  • Tampering or attempted tampering with any part of the doping control process;
  • Trafficking or attempted trafficking in any prohibited substance or prohibited method;
  • Administration or attempted administration to any athlete in-competition or out-of-competition of any prohibited substance or prohibited method;
  • Complicity (being involved with others in acts that are breaches of the regulations).
Wilson was initially tested in-competition on March 25, 2014. This sample was negative based on the scientific, analytical protocols that were validated at that time. An investigation into the cyclist triggered a retroactive test on his stored sample utilising current analytical methods. These new methods were able to determine whether the testosterone in his sample was from an exogenous (external) source. Testosterone from an exogenous source and its metabolites were found in his system. His other charges arose from the ongoing investigation.


All Wilson’s results, rankings, medals and prize money have been expunged for a period of two years from that date (March 25, 2014). His fifth place in the Grand Masters category at the 2018 Absa Cape Epic has also been removed.


A prominent South African woman mountain biker was earlier banned for two years after an adverse analytical finding for EPO (Erythropoietin) when she was tested on the March 3rd this year. She was a regular podium finisher at events in the Western Cape.


The third athlete, a national level cyclist, has not been named as he has appealed his four-year ban. He was charged for suspicious variations in his Athlete Biological Passport, which he could not explain to SAIDS’s satisfaction. “The investigation was triggered in significant part by whistleblowers and we are very grateful to their efforts to keep sport clean” said Galant. “We do take tip-offs about any sporting discipline or individuals seriously and encourage people with information on doping to come forward to us.”


LeoKnight, Sep 03 2018 01:45

So no future Cape Epic? 


But it is rather sad state of affairs, and hope that this does reduce the likelihood of some athletes taking the risk

Aurora, Sep 03 2018 02:31

So out of interest, would you guys support a convicted doper in business knowing that they lied to sponsors?


This to me would be classed as bad business ethics as the rider is an investment to a business / sponsor that is supporting them. They are theoretically stealing money from an employer.

TheJ, Sep 03 2018 02:36

LOL. Bye!

ChUkKy, Sep 03 2018 02:41

Isnt this the oke who moerred his girlfriend or wife not so long ago??

Clinton H, Sep 03 2018 03:08

Isnt this the oke who moerred his girlfriend or wife not so long ago??

One and the same !

'Dale, Sep 03 2018 03:40

Quite a shopping list. Met eish.

TheJ, Sep 03 2018 03:44

Wonder how these okes must feel coming to read these comments about themselves. Not that I care, mind you.

JohanC, Sep 03 2018 04:07

Is he the owner of Definitive Bikes?

babse, Sep 03 2018 04:13

now only 

Long Wheel Base, Sep 03 2018 05:02

Karma is a b!tch. Would love to know who the national level rider is.

Goodbadugly, Sep 03 2018 07:26

Wonder how these okes must feel coming to read these comments about themselves. Not that I care, mind you.

Maybe just no feelings at all. Attitudes of "everybody dopes. I was just unlucky.''

intern, Sep 04 2018 02:19

When the social media accounts of these 'top athletes' go quiet, you have likely candidates for the 'third athlete'...

Michieldt, Sep 04 2018 01:58

Is he the owner of Definitive Bikes?

 Seems so from their website. A few lines can be added to this CV now


About Us
  • Represented South Africa at World Marathon Championships
  • Springbok Colours 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  • Captain of the South African MTB team 2003 and 2004
  • 12 at the Trans Alp Challenge 2004
  • 2nd Masters in the Trans Alp Challenge 2007
  • Completed 11 Cape Epics and placed top 20 in all
  • Cape Epic 2004 – 3rd Overall
  • Cape Epic 2005 – 5th
  • Cape Epic 2006 – 10th and 1 stage win
  • Cape Epic 2007 – 10th
  • Cape Epic 2010 – winner of masters category
  • Multiple SA Champion in XCountry and marathon

Headshot, Sep 05 2018 10:47

Juiced for years by all accounts...

JohanC, Sep 05 2018 02:13

What an idiot

pe3nguin, Sep 05 2018 03:48

Title gore

stringbean, Sep 06 2018 11:33

Karma is a b!tch. Would love to know who the national level rider is.

No she was caught last month

Darrynbp, Nov 20 2018 04:51

As a big fan of South African cyclist, right or wrong show me a single major rider international or domestic who has not been accused of doping one way or another???!!!!..

Doping just like pc keygens, patches or pirate Bay downloads... Everyone uses then until the authorities catch up to them....
As for shans bussiness ethics, let's not forget, doping or not, he certainly knows his bikes and Components better than anyone bitching here right now...

Yet this is typical of south Africans, at the first mention of scandal from our beloved hero's, we will throw them under the buss...

Shame on all of you for passing comment on Shan, his integrity and his honor,

You can saddle up a donkey but you will never make him a race horse...