Giveaway: Rudy Project Traylx sunglasses

Bike Hub will be having a series of giveaways in 2016. Next up, we’re giving away Rudy Project Traylx sunglasses to the value of R3,590.00

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Entries close at 1pm on Friday, 19 February 2016.

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AlanD, Feb 10 2016 10:21

Super hot glasses. Would luuurrrvvv to win these babies :-)

Kevlouw, Feb 10 2016 10:45

These will be a nice replacement for my Bondi Blu's!

Christofison, Feb 10 2016 10:49

Woooah! They match the colour scheme of my bike. Beautiful.

Dieter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Feb 10 2016 10:51

Awesome to see so many competitions lately! I'm ready for these... 


(• _ •)
( • _ •)>⌐■-■ 

Wernpre, Feb 10 2016 11:30

Wow, they look Awesome, would luv to win these!

Meezo, Feb 10 2016 11:31

ok, gonna stay inactive for a few weeks then i should win!

shaper, Feb 10 2016 11:38

Entered ;)

Vintage Vespa, Feb 10 2016 11:58

Tried the rest, now let me win the BEST!

SurferChild, Feb 10 2016 12:17

Done and dusted!! My entry will be the paper that is stuck to the side of the hat.... easy enough for you to pick it out  :thumbup:

dirtypot, Feb 10 2016 12:24

Can we at least make this only for active participating members of the Bike Hub community?

J∆kk∆ls, Feb 10 2016 12:40

Mine :) 

partydave, Feb 10 2016 01:03


corriekuilder, Feb 10 2016 01:25

Lovely glasses,hopefully my name will be drawn....

Rob_Lions, Feb 10 2016 01:50

awesome colour, will go good with my new bike build :thumbup:

dirtypot, Feb 10 2016 01:57

They are really really awesome!

Mongoose!, Feb 10 2016 03:01

perfect match for my green Scalpel

EmptyB, Feb 10 2016 03:22

Just ordered a pair but will take these too thanks...

Jaco Steyn, Feb 10 2016 10:15

Wellllll, my 53rd birthday is coming up on the 24th of February........ Just saying. :whistling:  :D

dirtypot, Feb 11 2016 10:46

They won best trail glasses in the latest Full Sus too.

hayleyearth, Feb 12 2016 09:44

These will go SOOOO nicely with my road helmet!

chris-mtb, Feb 15 2016 12:54

Jip would not mind a pair of Rudy's been eyeing them for a while now.

Actualy they will not go well with anything - Anything will look better when you have a pair of Rudy's on.

gavascone, Feb 15 2016 07:22

id love to own something worth more than my bike

jimmycool, Feb 17 2016 03:41

Sorry guys, you can all withdraw from the competition now because I am going to win it in any case.

xnadu, Feb 17 2016 04:52

They are nice but if i win it i will sell it on the hub

Fr33rider, Feb 17 2016 05:21

They are nice but if i win it i will sell it on the hub

Max profit. Glws.