Ryder cycling accessories: Picks from the range

Ryder is an accessories brand many South African cyclists will be familiar with. The local brand has been a staple on bike shop shelves and checkout counters for more than 20 years.

Founded in 1996 around the production of water bottles the Ryder range later expanded to include helmets and puncture protection. Today Ryder provides a broad range of good quality, well-priced cycling accessories and continue to innovate with the likes of the recently released Slug Plug.


While like most cycling products the bulk Ryder’s manufacturing takes place in the east, their products are assembled and packaged right here in Cape Town before being shipped off to stores around South Africa and abroad.


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Many of the Ryder products are packaged by a team in Cape Town.


Some product picks from the Ryder range

We've taken a look at a small selection of Ryder products from the current range. Over the years they've broadened their offering considerably to now include front & rear lights, pedals, pumps, computers, bottle cages, tyre sealant, tools and much more. All their products carry a lifetime guarantee against defects.


Ryder Airtank 2.0 Floor Pump

Ryder Floor Pump Air Tank 2.0-1.jpg
Ryder Floor Pump Air Tank 2.0-2.jpg
Ryder Floor Pump Air Tank 2.0-3.jpg


The Ryder Airtank 2.0 has an aluminium barrel with an integrated chamber that can be pressured to release air with a switch to seat tubeless tyres on a rim. There is a large pressure gauge at the top of the pump with a sturdy steel foot base that balances the pump well.


The Airtank can be used as a regular floor pump with the pressure switch in open mode, but as the name suggests its selling point is the built in air tank. Once charged up it delivers a good dose of air which comfortably seated a 29x2.25 mountain bike tyre in our testing. The metal valve interface is reversible to support Schrader or Presta and maintains a good connection while in use.


Price: R 1,300.00

Ryder Digital Floor Pump

Ryder Digital Floor Pump 2.0-3.jpg
Ryder Digital Floor Pump 2.0-2.jpg
Ryder Digital Floor Pump 2.0-1.jpg


The Digital floor pump features a pressure gauge with a digital display and a single head that fits both Schrader and Presta without any adjustments. The gauge will display either bar or PSI and display to two decimal places.


The pressure gauge was accurate with predictable measurements across bikes. The dual valve head worked well on clean valves but at higher pressures (going full roadie on the narrow tyres) or where the valve had the slightest blockage the head quickly lost grip under the added pressure where other pumps might not. Suppose the lesson is to clean those valves.


Price: R 899.00


Ryder Micro 12 Function Tool

Ryder Micro 12 Function Multitool-1.jpg


The Micro 12 Function multitool packs an impressive array of tools into a small unit with hex key sizes 2/3/4/5/6, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, chain breaker and spoke tool, and a T25 torx.


Price: R 330.00

Ryder 14 Function Folding Tool

Ryder Folding Multitool 14 Function-1.jpg


The large Multitool 14 Function lets you apply a bit more leverage with longer tool arms. With a lightweight nylon body, the tool offers eight hex keys (2/2.5/3/4/5/6) plus a T25 along with a chain breaker and spoke wrench with both Phillips and flat screwdrivers.


Price: R 270.00

Ryder 5/6Nm T-Wrench

Ryder Torque Wrench-1.jpg


The Ryder T-Wrench is available preset to a torque setting of 5nm or 6nm. This simple to use wrench includes hex key size 2/2.5/3/4/ 5/6 with a T25 torque driver.


Price: R 250.00


Ryder KMAG Elite Road Pedal


Ryder Road Pedals-1.jpg


Ryder's KMAG Elite provides a lightweight Keo compatible road pedal at a highly competitive price point. Over a few months of testing our experience was fuss-free with the pedals matching the feel and performance from higher-priced competitors.



  • Lightweight super smooth composite body
  • Durable sleeve bearings (Low maintenance)
  • High strength boron axle
  • Adjustable retention system
  • Keo compatible (6o float included)
  • 280g per pair
Price: R 650.00

Ryder Dual Elite MTB Pedal


Ryder Dual MTB Elite Pedal-2.jpg


Ryder's Dual Pedal Elite is a hybrid pedal with SPD on the one side and a flat pedal on the other. If you're looking for a versatile pedal that will allow you to switch between clipped-in or riding with flats, or maybe even if you're trying out clipless pedals for the first time give these a go.



  • One piece extra strong alloy body
  • Dual function: SPD/Flat pedal on the reverse side
  • 4 deg float to relieve knee stress
  • Durable sealed bearings (low maintenance)
  • Adjustable retention system
  • SPD® compatible cleats included
  • 336g per pair (claimed)
Price: R 550.00



Escapee.., Nov 30 2018 02:58

After a small fall a couple of weeks ago I had to replace my bar tape.


Fitted Ryder Gripper Tape.


Very happy so far.

Looks good and feels good

V18, Nov 30 2018 05:13

Ryder products are simply great. Never ever had issues with any of them. That digital pump looks lekker.

keithbe, Nov 30 2018 07:03

buycycle.co.za had a great black Friday deal. Practically 50% off. Should get it on Monday.
I see they still have 33% off -


Ryder products are simply great. Never ever had issues with any of them. That digital pump looks lekker.

Oufy MTB (Roadie), Dec 01 2018 09:15

Ryder products are value for money

DieselnDust, Dec 01 2018 04:55

Some of the best tools and accessories sold under the ryder name. Floor pumps are superb value for money
Bar tape
Even the lights
No need to import from aliexpress when ryder stuff is so good and supported locally