By Cyclists, for Cyclists, Since 1979.

Giordana Cycling was born with a desire to offer the very best in cycling apparel. Combining Italian craftsmanship, style, and nearly half a century of industry knowledge, we design clothing for everyone from professional racers, to the everyday rider.

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In addition to a full in-line catalogue offering, Giordana sponsors two WorldTour teams and delivers the same pro-level apparel through the Giordana Custom program. From the beginning, our philosophy has been to take the best and make it better. By creating technically advanced products within collections that offer superior value, comfort, and performance, we aim to enhance the cycling experience of every rider who wears Giordana.


Giordana Cycling’s obsession with taking the best and making it better starts with Giorgio Andretta, an elite cyclist in the 1970s who ultimately became a cycling apparel specialist. Giorgio grew up in the Veneto region of Italy and developed relationships with many local companies while racing. After moving from Italy in his early 20s he became the first North American distributor for Grandis, Duegi, De Rosa, Diadora, Campagnolo, Pinarello, and many others, all for the sake of providing North American cyclists with high-quality Italian bicycle equipment.


As the 1970s drew to a close, Andretta’s success and expertise allowed him to launch Giordana Sport, his very own cycling apparel brand, which he named after his newborn daughter. While the company designed apparel for the everyday rider, their clothing was worn by professional racers, too. In fact, over the years Giordana has sponsored an Olympic gold medalist, and been the official clothing supplier of Le Tour de France.


One of Andretta’s boldest moves came in 1986 when he opened a dedicated Giordana manufacturing facility in Italy. Now, in full control of its destiny, the company embraced the new technologies available in the textile industry to become a leader in sublimation printing. Giordana was also at the vanguard of developing and testing new materials and cycling garments for the market and providing custom professional level clothing to local and regional clubs. The company’s penchant for combining Old World craftsmanship with modern fabric innovations continues today and explains why each new clothing line, from Silverline™ to the FR-C Pro™ collection, has a sterling reputation among cyclists.


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Featured: The FR-C Pro Collection

Inspired by working with our Pro Teams, these award-winning pieces consistently set the bar for technical advancement, innovation and performance. FR-C Pro garments contour perfectly to the body forming a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable. The fabrics, features and details provide a level of fit and performance that others simply can’t achieve.


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  • Aerodynamic, dual stretch and seamless chest, shoulder, and arm panels provide second skin fit
  • Strategic use of fabrics - Ventilated hip panels provide a perfect fit and enhanced breathability
  • Ergonomic collar
  • Arm cuffs and rear panel provide superior stretch and return without constricting


Bib Short

The selection of fabrics and the fit create a bib short that is so comfortable and stays in place so well that once you put them on you won’t give them a second thought.


A Fit You'll Forget.


The FR-C Pro Bib Short represents the pinnacle in comfort and craftsmanship. The bib short was designed on a curve to clone the body’s natural riding position eliminating puckers and creases throughout your full range of motion.


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The HC50™ High Compression Power Lycra has the properties and material structure of a compressive power Lycra, yet its soft and supple feel provides a barely there sensation on the bike and surpasses the comfort of the previously utilized HC44™ thread count Lycra. This creates a bib short so comfortable that once you put it on you’ll be inspired to put some time on the bike.


Equally comfortable features of the FR-C Pro bib short include; the 190 E woven elastic leg cuffs which hold the bibs in place without squeezing or restricting, the anti-abrasion seat panel fabric, Ametista Carbon waist panel, and the stretchable, breathable, and stabilizing bib uppers. The bibs are finished off with two reflective tabs, one on each side of the bib short, for global visibility needs. Last but not least these bibs receive Giordana’s top of the line Cirro S chamois with Aloe Vera infusion and the Copa Mondiale sculpted fit.


The FR-C Pro Bib Short is the bedrock of our DNA and similarly to the FR-C Pro Short Sleeve Jersey exemplifies a crown jewel technical cycling apparel.



erikt123, Feb 25 2019 04:00

Good to hear. One of the most cumfortable bib I've ever worn since early 80'S.

openmind, Feb 26 2019 09:08

Those socks are definitely not UCI legal.




If you going to wear them that long, why not just have them to just under the knee, fold the tops over and stick a comb in them. 

Tankman, Feb 26 2019 09:55

Those socks are definitely not UCI legal.




If you going to wear them that long, why not just have them to just under the knee, fold the tops over and stick a comb in them. 


That Italian model is a shorty, if I wear those socks they will look like secret socks.