E*thirteen introduces new Semi-Slick tyre

Introducing E*thirteen's new Semi-Slick Tyre. Speed and unapologetic traction.



The guys over at E*Thirteen have had a busy year as is evident in their latest tyre offering. Riding on the success of their TRS tyres which have set a new benchmark in grip and performance, the NEW SS tyre has been purpose-built to work in tandem as a rear tyre offering.


For some, the TRS tyres on the rear were almost too grippy in certain situations, unless the terrain demanded ultimate traction. While offering a confidence-boosting ride, there was a penalty in rolling resistance. This works well in Squamish conditions, but the trails in SA are generally not as steep and mushy and the lack of ski-lifts means lots of pedalling. For most trail riders, keeping a bit in the legs for the descents is optimal and this is where the new SS Tyre slots in. Speed doesn’t always have to come at the cost of traction and the profile is designed to roll fast and corner faster without compromising the hard cornering bite when you need it.




The NEW SS Tyres offer a host of performance-driven features, many borrowed from their TRS range, like the angled sipes on the side knobs for unrivalled traction without that squirmy feel. The most noticeable (and purposeful) difference being the tightly spaced straight centre knobs that improve the rolling resistance while still maintaining the serious braking bite E*13 is famous for.




The placement of these centre knobs is also key to the tyres cornering as they are lined up with the more aggressive side knobs which result in a predictable transition as the bike leans over. Predictability creates confidence which makes for faster cornering.


The SS Tyres are offered in a true to size 2,35” width, ideal for rims ranging from 24 -31mm internal widths. They also feature an Aramid layer as found in the 2018 TRS tyres which maximises air retention and cut/puncture protection. A serious must if your local trails have meteor shower like rock gardens.





Thermophage, Oct 22 2018 01:28

How many $$$. Wonder how it'll compare to the Slaughter 2.6? The slick part of the knobs look slightly more aggressive which I'd be keen on, but e13 tend to be much more pricey than other options. Or am I mistaken?

V18, Oct 22 2018 11:12

I like the look of this. If its the same compound as the other e13 compounds it will be a 10/10 rear tyre for until at least end of May 2019. Too bad my aggressor 2.5 WT has to die first.