Explore Cape Town with the BMC Roadmachine

BMC Southern Africa have put together this video of a recent Roadmachine ride through the cobbled streets of Bo-Kaap, along the hustle & bustle of CBD and out into the famous winelands surrounding Cape Town. The Roadmachine is the perfect bike for taking on mixed terrain… Watch this video to find out why, and let there be no doubts about where you should take your Roadmachine for its next holiday!


For riders who want it all, this is the bike of choice. From axle to axle, the new Roadmachine delivers sleek and integrated technologies, offering a hint of free speed from every angle. Combined with the ultimate advancements in a Re-Tuned Compliance Concept, this bike re-shapes the endurance bike category - lightweight, sleek and incredibly integrated. Brilliant pedalling efficiency and ideal compliance for the legendary days of riding - the new Roadmachine has it all.


More about the bike here: http://www.bmc-switz...en/roadmachine/


BMC Roadmachine 4.jpg
BMC Roadmachine 1.jpg
BMC Roadmachine 2.jpg
BMC Roadmachine 3.jpg


cbdcaffie, Jan 18 2017 09:09

Who stocks these locally?

Robbie Stewart, Jan 18 2017 09:14

For a second there I thought that we would be about to join Julien Absalon on a trip around the fairest Cape...

khm4252, Jan 18 2017 09:28

Beautiful machine!

Patchelicious, Jan 18 2017 09:47

Cool clip.


Not sure I agree with some of the riding, but hey thats not here nor there...  :ph34r:

love the ride, Jan 18 2017 11:18

Nice vid... beautiful bike!

Iwan Kemp, Jan 18 2017 01:44

Who stocks these locally?


List of dealers HERE