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Massive Sale on Extreme Lights most popular Cycle Lights!

Endurance Cycle Light

Was R2,295.00
NOW R1,850.00


The Extreme Lights 2015 XP3 Cycle Light won awards and praise for being the best light available. With the advantage of next-generation CREE LEDs, the Endurance Cycle Light takes that success even further, combining 2 100 Lumens and 254 metres of beam reach (on Boost Mode) with a 40 hours battery life (on Low Mode). Plenty of light is also provided for single track, with nearly 180° side-spill. Avant-garde aesthetics and a top-quality storage case completes the package.


The Endurance Cycle Light is the ideal cycle light for long-distance offroad races such as the Trans Baviaans and 24-hour events. This light has been specially designed for off-road bicycle racing. It features a wide flood and extra-high brightness, delivering unmatched performance, and striking a perfect balance between size, weight, performance and reliability.


The Endurance Cycle Light produces a near-perfect beam pattern, with maximum beam distance of 254m. The Endurance Cycle Light produces natural white light of up to 2 100 Lumen, and features maximum runtime of 40 hours.


Find more about the Endurance Cycle Light special here.


Core Cycle Light & Two Eyes Tail Light COMBO

Was R1,570.00
NOW R995.00


The rechargeable Core Cycle Light is perfect for road training, or casual off-road riding.


The rechargeable Core Cycle Light is lightweight and possesses exceptional power for its size. The light configuration provides a sharp, focused beam to light up what’s ahead, and side-spill to illuminate the sides of your riding track. The light gives an unmatched maximum beam distance of 239 meters from a rechargeable battery capable of providing power for up to 40 hours.


  • Selectable O-Ring Handlebar fittings for light to fit any size round handlebar.
  • The battery pack includes a soft Neoprene pouch which prevents vibration and scratching of the bicycle frame.
Shortened Cables
  • No more cluttered handlebars!
  • The light activates in the Low mode so as not to blind other road users, and to protect you against night-blindness.
  • The Pulse function cannot be selected accidentally.
  • The Light unit cannot be switched off accidentally, or when cycling through the different modes.
Battery Indicator


The mode button also serves as a battery-level indicator. Its intensity was designed not to be a visual distraction during use.


* Green: 66 – 100% battery power remaining
* Orange: 33 – 66% battery power remaining.
* Red: 0 – 33% battery power remaining.


Storage Case

  • Top-quality padded storage case.
12 Months Warranty
  • Warranty covers complete lighting kit, plus battery.
Find out more about the Core Cycle Light and Two Eyes Combo special here.


Veebee, Oct 25 2016 11:19

Price hasn't been updated on the website

DuPs, Oct 25 2016 11:39

Looks like its done now

Veebee, Oct 25 2016 12:05

Looks like its done now


sent them a message and it was sorted within minutes. Order placed, came at a good time as my current battery is pap [no name chinese import]

GaryP, Oct 26 2016 09:27

I have the XP1 from a few years back. Really like the quality of their products!

extremelights, Oct 31 2016 04:29

I have the XP1 from a few years back. Really like the quality of their products!

Thank you for the positive feedback GaryP .

The XP1 is a great light. The new version of the XP1 is now called the Core cycle light.

We had a very successful sale last week which sadly is a thing of the past now, but make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive first notice of any special coming up over the festive period.