Improve your cycling performance with EMS Cycling

EMS Cycling is a electrical muscular stimulation studio based on results of EMG testing which determines how activated your muscles are. This assessment determines which muscles are firing and which ones are not which can improve performance. Cycling programs are then designed by a biokineticist who has done a thesis on professional cyclists vs amateur cyclists.

The founder of EMS cycling, Glynn Moolman brings a lot of cycling knowledge and has teamed up with Maroeska Matthee, who is a professional cyclist and is a multiple SA champ and cycle tour medalist.



EMG - Electromyography is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. An electromyograph detects the electric potential generated by muscle cells when these cells are electrically or neurologically activated.


EMG testing and 11 years of biokineticist knowledge created the concept of EMS Cycling to use electrical muscular stimulation on muscles that are not activated.


EMS Cycling focuses on stimulating the muscles that are not firing to balance the body up with muscles while cycling. EMS cycling does not want to focus on muscles that are too dominant while cycling. Using electrical muscular stimulation on muscles that are too active while cycling defeats the purpose of this concept. EMS Cycling wants to improve weaknesses exposed in the assessment and not the strengths. Make your weakness a strength and see your cycling go to another level.


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EMS Cycling then prescribes specific exercises on and off bicycle designed by a biokineticist.


Electrical muscular stimulation training is performed on your own bicycle after specific muscles have been activated off the bicycle to focus only on your weaknesses.


A watt test is performed before and after a 4 week EMS Cycling program to determine improvement of power (watts).


EMS cycling is for everyone who just wants a cardiovascular and resistance effort recruiting muscles fibres that conventional training cannot do. EMS cycling improves power (watts) and cardiovascular fitness in just 20 minutes of training. EMS cycling has no cables and can be done in a studio and out on the road.


EMS Cycling is located at N1 City and Tygervalley and looking at opening more branches in the near future.


If you want to climb or sprint faster, prevent and treat injuries, improve cycling times then EMS Cycling is for you.


Come and experience a free trial session and improve your riding today. We consult from ages of 10-70, experienced or fun riders.


Make cycling more enjoyable by balancing yourself up with muscles.



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Sitting slip, Dec 03 2018 07:27

some things do not make sense. need more science on this. So when you push it will pull. this is not efficient in my opinion. EMS is mostly used to help a dysfunctional muscle  (as in injured or torn) to gain retraction with the assistance of the ems as recovery. On the oxford scale these stimulant are used to help people with no function to try and get the muscle to respond. now you are pounding away with external muscle stimulation. Its like taking to much Caraflam, if you give the body to much external assistance (EMS,pills ext) it will stop doing the the work for you.  guess the craze of body20 just want to pick up in the mass market of cycling. 

TheJ, Dec 03 2018 08:56

Headphones for your legs, what a time to be alive.

Lighthouse, Dec 03 2018 04:11

What could go wrong?

Tristand, Dec 04 2018 12:43

A big use for this technology is finding imbalances and questionable pedal technique. If you

you are someone who is constantly suffering from sports(muscle,etc) injuries then this could be a plan.