Legends of Cycling: Easton

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If you’ve been a cyclist for a while, you’ll know Easton. And the name may well invoke fond memories from your past.

Perhaps you dreamed of owning a racing bike with Easton alloy tubes and carbon fork, or you upgraded to an Easton bar & stem when you started racing seriously. Or maybe it brings back memories of watching your heroes at the Tour de France, like Cadel Evans and Floyd Landis (ignoring the doping drama for a moment).


And that’s no surprise, because Easton has been a big name in high-performance sport for a long time.


Did you know Marco Pantani’s Wilier was made with Easton 7005 alloy tubes…?


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Cadel Evans' Tour de France winning bike.

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Interesting Fact:

Easton started as an archery family business in 1922 and the Archery division still remains in the family today. Their arrows have been used to win every Olympic Games title in archery since the restoration of archery to the Olympic program in 1972. Easton has also supplied the military, medical and outdoor sports industries with high-strength carbon and alloy tubing, sports like baseball and golf.


Easton has changed ownership a few times over the years, currently owned by Fox Factory Corp., and is back stronger than ever, producing really innovative product, still with the same high-quality standards since 1922.


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Easton equipped gravel bike (Rondo Ruut CF).


Easton Product Highlights

A new focus on Gravel

The genre of ‘Gravel’ is growing because it makes sense, it’s real life. Real life happens and sometimes you need to ride gravel roads on your road bike, which ignites our sense of adventure. And since most roadies don’t actually race road events, why not have a bike that’s fast on tar and stable on gravel? Twice the fun on one bike!


Gravel bikes were inspired by Cyclocross but adapted to handle rougher terrain with slacker geometry and bigger tire clearance.


Easton have put the gravel segment in the focus of their product development, and thus taken the lead in gravel-specific product, and it’s called the AX range (Adventure Cross).


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New Gravel Specific Bars – optimally flared

  • Gravel specific handle bars are flared (16 degrees) to increase control in the drops over rough terrain and more comfortable hand options for adventure rides.
  • All Easton road & gravel handlebars have short Reach and Drop of 80/120mm.
  • Various price points:
    • EA50 AX - RRP R 745
    • EA70 AX - RRP R 1 445
    • EC70 AX - RRP R 3 075
  • Options : 40cm to 46cm
  • Note : AX flared bars are about 6cm wider in the drops! Thus no need to go wider than on your road bike (E.g 42cm AX = 42cm on the tops, 48cm in the drops).

easton-AX handlebar measurements.jpg

All this tech at a great value with the EA50 range

The EA50 range has the trickle down tech of the high-end components at great value price points.


EA50 Handlebar (road or AX) - RRP R 745:
Your rock-steady set and forget road bar. Only a few grams heavier than the EA70 and sporting the same MCD drop technology as our top of the line road bars. These budget-friendly bars will leave you comfortable in the saddle all day without breaking the bank.


EA50 Stem (various lengths) - RRP R 595:
Easton delivers quality and sound engineering all the way down to this family of entry-level stems. The EA50 stem features the same high-end design, 3D forging and Easton’s patented DST and Top-Lock technology as stems twice the price.


EA50 Seat Post 27.2x350mm offset - RRP R 445:
We start with a durable EA50 aluminium alloy shaft and add an easy-to-adjust, two-bolt clamp. Don’t be fooled by the sleek lines and subtle aesthetics—this post offers as much function as form.

Easton components.jpg


New Stems – compatible with integrated Garmin mount

  • Legendary Easton alloy stems with Integrated Computer Mount (ICM) faceplate.
  • Available on new EA50, EA70 and EA90 stems.
  • Options: 0 or 7 Degree drops with 70 to 120mm lengths.
17 Easton-Stem-ICM_Mount-3Q-720x720-f5d38d4a-68b5-4730-b6ea-c15f64623659.png
18 EA70-STM-7D-31.8-Side-720x720-cde13667-4831-461f-aff9-8295cacb1162.png
EA70 Stem (RRP R 925 - Weight 132 grams)
Road race light, super stiff and MTB strong, the EA70 is available in eight lengths and multiple drops/rises, guaranteeing a dialed-in fit for any performance discipline. This stem offers unquestioned durability thanks to 3D forged EA70 aluminium and DST faceplate with Top-Lock technology to lock your bars into this lightweight leader.


EA90 Stem (RRP R 1 375 - Weight 120 grams)
Easton’s lightest aluminium stem is the choice of road racers and top XC pilots alike. The advanced EA90 aluminium tubing and 3D forging process results in a perfect blend of strength and weight. Easton’s patented DST distributes clamping forces more evenly over a larger area, making it the perfect stem for today’s lightweight aluminium and carbon handlebars.



New Seat Posts – with smart seat adjustment

The highlight of Easton’s two new seatposts is the new Independent Saddle Adjustment system. The alloy ISA clamping heads that both carbon & alloy posts share allows for totally independent fore-aft adjustment and saddle angle adjustment.


The saddle rails are held in place with a single-bolt clamping mechanism, but unlike traditional single-bolt mechanisms, these posts also have separate saddle tilt adjustability which prevents accidental slippage.

  • New seatposts with independent adjustment (fore-aft and tilt-angle)
  • No need to loosen clamp when adjusting seat angle!
  • Available on new EA90 (RRP R 1 875) and EC70 (RRP R 2 195) seatposts
  • EA90 weight: 260g
  • EC70 weight: 210g
  • Options : 27.2 x 350mm (20mm or Zero setback)
19a EA90-SP-20-Offset-720x720-7b1b97db-ecac-4b92-abed-46d43dffe8be.png
19b EC70-SP-Zero-720x720-81e7a7b6-88ab-4281-befc-6e9afdc11ff0.png


EC90 SL Crankset and Power Meter

All about high performance. It’s super stiff, super light and super compatible, using Cinch technology for direct mount 1X rings or 2X chainrings and power meter. The Cinch Power Spindle is a self-contained power meter housed in the 30mm spindle.
  • Carbon crank arms
  • 1X or 2X and Power Meter compatible
  • RRP R 6 195 crankset
  • 442g w/o bottom bracket
  • Cinch Power Spindle sold separately RRP R 11 805
Easton 20.jpg
2017_CinchPowerMeter_FullKit_Lifestyle (1).pngThe Cinch Power Spindle is a self-contained power meter housed in the 30mm spindle.


Easton wheels

EA70 AX wheelset

The EA70 AX wheelset is made for adventure.
It’s a mountain bike wheelset adapted for gravel bikes, with centre lock hubs, SRAM and Shimano free bodies, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm axle compatibility. A high-quality welded rim and 3-cross spokes make this wheelset bombproof.
  • 24mm inner width
  • Tubeless ready
  • Compatible with all axle standards
  • Available in 700c and 650b
  • RRP R 7 950
  • Weight 1670g
Easton 11.jpg


EC90 Aero 85 Disc Wheelset



Disc wheels are finally here to stay, being raced by the fastest riders in the world.


Aero advantages with safe braking in all conditions… sold!


When speed and control are your top priorities EC90 Aero 85 Disc wheelset is the one. With the award-winning Fantom egg rim profile, mounted to our thru axle (or QR) Vault road disc hubs, we bring the advanced aerodynamics and combined them with the control disc brakes provide.

  • Fantom Carbon Rim
  • Centre Lock Disc
  • Compatible with all axle standards
  • 19mm internal width
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes (external nipples)
  • Easton Vault Hub
  • RRP R 39 900
Easton 22 EC90Aero85_Disc_Wheelset.jpg


The birth of a carbon rim



DieselnDust, Jan 29 2019 09:08

What is the length of the cinch power meter spindle? Is it cannondale Ai compatible?

Shebeen, Jan 29 2019 10:12

The grammar nazi in me couldn't watch past 5 secs, he's not a CATAGORY MANAGER damnit!

I would have hoped people who work with high performance strict tolerance product would be a bit more careful than that.


side fact - just like cricket, inmajor league baseball you're only allowed to use wooden bats. for the kids, metal is fine, and that is how they make these


stringbean, Jan 29 2019 03:50

My lbs tells me the range of Easton that is brought into SA is very limited.Is this true or are you guys bringing in everything that’s advertised?

Switchback_Sports, Jan 29 2019 05:37

Hi Stringbean.


Thanks for taking the time to read through our post. Unfortunately your LBS has misinformed you. Switchback Sports imports and has stock of almost every product that Easton has internationally with the exception of items like tubular race wheels. 


You are welcome to browse through our B2B (just choose to login as a guest) and you will be able to view the entire range at an approximate RRP. - https://switchbacksp...dearportal.com/


Please drop me a message and let me know which LBS you use and I can get them up to speed.



Switchback Sports Team

ashortchase, Jan 29 2019 07:37

My lbs tells me the range of Easton that is brought into SA is very limited.Is this true or are you guys bringing in everything that’s advertised?


That was before Switchback Sports took over the distribution. 

stringbean, Jan 30 2019 07:08

Thanks Been eyeing that Easton crank for a while now.

Hairy, Jan 30 2019 10:07

Used to love my Easton Baseball bats!