Looking at Titan Racing’s apparel range

The Titan Racing apparel line has slowly been making its way into stores around the country. Aimed at offering a good quality product at an affordable price, Titan Racing have covered a wide variety of kit for different disciplines. Thus catering for a large portion of the market with a full-size curve across their product offerings and even introducing a range for kids. Throughout the range, careful attention to detail has been spent on the aesthetics and design. Overall Titan Racing’s apparel range offers exceptional value for money.

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Jerseys and Shorts

The Titan Racing apparel ranges can easily be split into 2 categories; the Club kit aimed at racers and enthusiasts looking for a traditional lycra kit, and the Shredder kit, aimed at trail riders and mountain biker’s looking for a loose fitting, comfortable alternative that is still functional.


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The apparel was designed to be extremely breathable, lightweight and highly moisture-wicking. This is achieved by using a combination of Cool-Max Fabric and breathable mesh. The cut has been labelled as slim fit throughout range which makes the kit look more fitted and sit comfortably without having excess material that bunches up. Gel grippers were used throughout and keep the apparel snuggly in place when riding.


The Club kit features a full-length zipper on the jersey with three easy to reach pockets, including a cell phone pocket and mesh side panels. The bib shorts are constructed from 7 panels stitched together which help with mobility and a thick padded foam chamois ensures a comfortable sit in the saddle for those long days out. Available in men’s and ladies cuts with various colour options.


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The Shredder Trail kit comprises of casual cut shirts that are a slim fit. The fabric is exceptionally light and breathable and the jersey features a dedicated cell phone pocket. The shorts are made from a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester. Intended to be more robust and capable of withstanding some abuse the Shredder shorts still manage to be breathable thanks to a few cleverly placed ventilation holes. Additional features include adjustable waist straps, and zippered pockets making for easy access to store goodies. Ultimately these shorts are super versatile and allow great freedom of movement.


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All of the Titan Racing helmets offer superb styling and stacked with professional features including excellent airflow efficiency, removable padding and a comfortable fit. The Easy-Fit adjustment system ensures a secure fit for various shapes and sizes and there’s a host of colour options in each range. The in-mould construction which joins the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption which guarantees great protection to the head. All of the Titan Racing helmets feature a 5-Year-Crash Replacement-Warranty.


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The Shredder helmet, best suited to trail riders and mountain bikers features 23 air vents, a clip in peak, removable padding and additional protection. Weighing only 270 grams combined with the excellent airflow it’s light and comfortable for a full day out on the trails on a hot summer’s day.


The Stealth helmet looks the part with its’ aggressive race style. Aimed as a racers helmet, it’s lightweight and offers excellent airflow with an aerodynamic design. Finally the Junior Range comprises of 16 air vents, an Easy-Fit adjustment system and it’s available in plenty colour options.


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Titan Racing have launched three glove options; the Clutch, a full finger glove, the Twitch, a short finger glove, and the Juniour, a kids glove. The Twitch and the Clutch have palms designed with a three-panel construction made from synthetic leather for a tailored fit. Synthetic leather is more durable and easier to care for making it the smart choice. The thumbs have terry cloth which is great at absorbing moisture and wiping sweat away. On the Clutch long finger glove, the palm and fingers feature Cool Air ventilation holes to reduce moisture inside the glove and the Twitch features 9 strategically placed thick foam pads at known hotspots. The uppers of the gloves are made up of moisture wicking materials are lightweight and breathable. Both gloves have a slip-on design for ease of use. The Junior glove is made from lycra with a foam padding and non-slip grippers on the palms.



Stepping into the sock game Titan Racing have started with two designs. The socks are made from a breathable fabric and single layer cuff. The mid-length socks are available in multiple colours and the Club sock is their thicker, extra cushioned sock for comfort, whilst the Race is lightweight extra breathable sock for those hotter days.


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Full range of Apparel:


Titan Racing image8.jpeg Shredder Jersey - RRP R550

Titan Racing image9.jpeg Club Mens Jersey - RRP R599

Titan Racing image10.jpeg Club Ladies Jersey - RRP R599


Titan Racing image11.jpeg Shredder Shorts - RRP R599

Titan Racing image12.jpeg Club Mens Bib - RRP R599

Titan Racing image13.jpeg Club Ladies Shorts - RRP R599


Titan Racing image14.jpeg Shredder Helmet - RRP R750

Titan Racing image15.jpeg Stealth Helmet - RRP R750

Titan Racing image16.jpeg Junior Helmet - RRP R400


Titan Racing image17.jpeg Clutch Glove - RRP R299

Titan Racing image18.jpeg Twitch Glove - RRP R250

image19.jpg Junior Glove - RRP R130


Titan Racing image19.jpeg Club Sock - RRP R90

Titan Racing image20.jpeg Stealth Sock - RRP R90


Titan Racing vision sunglasses.jpg
Vision Sunglasses - RRP R350


Grease_Monkey, Oct 31 2018 07:52

I like the Shredder range - nice to see some toned down colour options, and well priced. Will go try some on when I need new stuff.

Dirkitech, Oct 31 2018 07:53

Hmmm, those bibs seem decently priced. I wonder how it compares to other brands!

mon-goose, Oct 31 2018 08:10

actually a bit interested in the glasses. They look like they might have a narrow fit and I need a pair of sun glasses for the summer. Might go check them out

TheJ, Oct 31 2018 08:15

Slight fail to have the lady model wear Oakleys, haha.

Robbie Stewart, Oct 31 2018 08:16

I want to need new kit...? That Shredder kit looks the business, both in aesthetics and price

nathrix, Oct 31 2018 08:52

Slight fail to have the lady model wear Oakleys, haha.


Devil is in the detail...

BikeHub Plus, Oct 31 2018 09:49

looks good

pricing looks fair

if the quality is up to scratch this range should do well




Slight fail to have the lady model wear Oakleys, haha.

didn't notice she was actually wearing sunnies till you mentioned it.

mecheng89, Oct 31 2018 11:15

Good looking. Those bibs do seem a tad cheap. 

Jewbacca, Oct 31 2018 03:25

I bought one of the Stealth Helmets. For R730 from CWC it seemed silly not to. Lets see how it holds up after experiencing what looks like a few very tough days on Reun ion Island for AR World Champs.

ChrisF, Oct 31 2018 05:51

They talk of kiddies clothing .. but show it in the "FULL range of apparel" ... 



Would love to get Maritz a Titan Racing set to go with his Titan bike ... though he may outgrow the bike long before the clothes are worn in ...

ChrisF, Oct 31 2018 05:52

Those junior gloves looks SUPER COOL :)

daniemare, Nov 04 2018 07:13

I just do not understand it. You spend money to advertise on the Hub and probably elsewhere. You spend money on a decent website. So you got me, I think I must have 1 set of mtb trail clothes. Marketing worked BUT THERE IS NO BUY BUTTON ON YOUR WEBSITE. What is it with the bike industry in SA, and their insistence on the “Find a Dealer” approach. Ai, range look nice and priced well, but Monday will come and I will probably change my “must have” to woul be “nice to have” to meh “have enough stuff”.

HdB, Jan 22 2019 12:26

I bought one of the Stealth Helmets. For R730 from CWC it seemed silly not to. Lets see how it holds up after experiencing what looks like a few very tough days on Reun ion Island for AR World Champs.

How is/was your experience with the helmet?