Merida's accessory range for 2018

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Merida Bikes has an extensive product range globally that extends further than the bikes we love and ride in South Africa. The local distributor for Merida carries a range of well-priced accessories that will make your Merida feel brand new for 2018.

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The Charger helmet is a lightweight single mould MTB helmet. It is highly ventilated with 21 holes to keep you cool on those sizzling summer days. The removable visor offers riders the choice to use it as a road helmet as well. Keeping the helmet in place is a 2D micro-dial fit system with heat sealed comfort padding. The Sport sunglasses feature an adjustable nosepiece, 2 pairs of exchangeable lenses and hard-shell case for safe storing. Available in green and white.


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Merida has three options of multi-tools available locally. The 20 in 1 pictured above is the top of the line with a full set of tools for a host of road side fixes as well as a detachable chain break for easy use and 2 tyre levers. For a less demanding job, the 12 in 1 and the 10 in 1 are lightweight tools for quick fixes on the go. The range of accessories includes easy to use ergonomic tyre levers that can withstand a fair amount of force for those stubborn tubeless setups and a cool tool can make sure you never misplace another part when working on your bike.


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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly floor pump that’s well built and delivers a decent amount of pressure the Merida Eco pump is it. The steel construction and durable steel barrel feel sturdy when applying force and the large 2.5” gauge is clearly visible. The valve head works on both Presta and Shrader valves. For a smaller trail friendly pump the lightweight CNC’d aluminium pump is light and small enough to be stored in your jersey pocket or you could use the frame mount provided with the pump. The aluminium body is strong and built to withstand years of abuse.


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Whilst water bottle cages may be a bit of a boring subject Merida has stepped it up a notch by offering an aluminium side pull bottle cage that’s easy to get your bottle in and out of on a bumpy road at an affordable price. The traditional straight pull bottle cages are available in alloy and a very stealth looking carbon version for those weight weenies. A full range of water bottles is available in 600CC and 700CC in green, black and clear to match your ride.


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A range of accessories is available for the road racers. Replacement microfibre bar tape with SHOCKPROOF material, optimises shock absorption. This reduces stress on the hands and supports a superior riding experience. Available in green, black, blue and red, it includes end-plugs. Cyclo-computers that are wired and wireless are available with an extensive list of functions and high visibility lights that are lightweight, water-resistant and constructed from aluminium will keep you visible on the road.


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Merida has 2 tool kits on offer, the professional pictured above which holds all the basics for home mechanics. And, the workshop kit which is a full bike maintenance and servicing kit with all the tools you need for just about any job bike related. For the travellers there are 2 options of bike bags, they are both lightweight and offer stiff protection, so your bike will never be damaged in transport again. They are fitted with wheels for easy transporting.


The table below is a list of the Merida accessories featured in this article with their recommended retail price and not the full list of accessories available. *The recommended retail price is just a guideline and shops may vary. For more information, you may visit the international Merida website or contact your local Merida dealer.


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