No-fuss commuting with Trek’s new e-bike

Trek has unveiled an electric bike that aims to improve the way people get around in cities around the world. Say goodbye to parking fees and traffic jams. The all-new Super Commuter+ 7 is a sleek, powerful e-bike built to simplify your daily grind.



Super Commuter+ 7 is a complete departure from electric bikes of the past, and it draws from 40+ years of experience building bicycles, 15 years of e-bike innovation, and a continuing partnership with Bosch, the leaders in e-bike technology.


More power, more possibility

Like all Trek e-bikes, Super Commuter+ 7 employs pedal-assist technology that boosts a rider’s power and increases speed and distance. It's equipped with a 250-watt Bosch Performance motor that helps you sustain speeds of over 30 km/h, a long-life 500Wh Bosch Powerpack battery, and an elegant Bosch Purion controller.




Eye-catching design

Even at first glance, Super Commuter+ 7 is something extraordinary. The bike's battery is integrated into the down tube for a sleek, seamless look. The bike also has an integrated SuperNova Mini-2 lighting system, with powerful front and rear lights that deliver outstanding visibility in all hours of the day and night. The lighting system charges off the battery, eliminating the need to charge lights separately.



Super Commuter +7


Created to commute with ease

Super Commuter+ 7 was created to stand up to the toughest commutes. Wide, high-volume, 27.5+ x 2.4˝ Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires combat potholes and roadway debris, while 180mm direct-mount hydraulic disc brakes and a carbon fibre e2 fork deliver confident all-weather stopping power in any conditions.


The bike also comes equipped with commute-ready accessories like an integrated low-profile Tubus rack, fenders, and a rear-mount kickstand. The MTB-style chain guide virtually eliminates chain-drop, even over rough terrain, and braze-ons under the top tube make it easy to customise your ride with additional commuter gear.




Performance that goes the distance

With a maximum assist of 32 km/h, Super Commuter+ 7 makes covering long distances in speed and comfort a reality. For the first time, replacing one’s car with a bike is a real possibility for more people around the world.


Super Commuter+ 7 is available immediately in sizes 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm through Trek’s wide network of retail partners for R 79,999.



ChrisF, Dec 05 2018 06:35

nice concept ...


but at THAT price ... OUCH !!

RossW, Dec 05 2018 07:42

I wish I had a commuter ebike when living in JHB. Would have almost halved my trip time from Blairgowrie to Illovo. While absolutely possible on a bike, the ebike would have made Conrad, Argyle and 2nd Rd/3rd Rd far more pleasant.


I picked up a Giant Quick-E over here for half that price. Riding to work is an absolute breeze.

Skinnyone, Dec 05 2018 08:50

The max assist speed is actually 45km/hr....

Hairy, Dec 05 2018 09:24

I would not mind giving that bike a spin!

Schnavel, Dec 05 2018 09:57

Decent bike, but as with all things bike related, price is crazy...


Not quite sure how this is a "complete departure from electric bikes of the past"?

Ascension, Dec 05 2018 10:03

Too bad that in SA e-bikes are dependent on corrupted disgusting polluting  Eskom. Time to build that solar e-bike charger.

dirtypot, Dec 05 2018 11:02

R80k for a commuter bike?!!  For that price I'd rather get a cheap motorbike for commuting and a lekka mountain bike.

stefmeister, Dec 05 2018 11:46

I would not mind giving that bike a spin!

Certainly one of the better looking e-bikes. For a second I thought it was a carbon frame.

ChrisF, Dec 05 2018 04:59

R80k for a commuter bike?!!  For that price I'd rather get a cheap motorbike for commuting and a lekka mountain bike.


MANY very good ebikes available that could be used on the trails and as a commuter for less money ....


Sorry, but that price is insane !!

Mamil, Dec 05 2018 06:49

... and it definitely does NOT belong on the mountain.

ChrisF, Dec 05 2018 09:19

... and it definitely does NOT belong on the mountain.


The TREK ?


The commuter ?


or the eBike ?