Rook Cycles puts a new spin on road cycling

There’s a new name in South African fixed gear riding and they’re putting a new spin on road cycling: Welcome Rook Cycles.

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Born in Cape Town, where an outdoor lifestyle is interwoven with an urban backdrop, Rook has produced some killer single speed rides, ready to mash through your city circuit.


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Cape Town born but plugging into global fixed gear culture.


It all started a couple of years back where the guys were finding track bike frames and building / selling fixies on Bike Hub. “We saw there was an appetite for something like this” Says Lee one of the co-founders. “I’ve always loved bicycles. Especially track bikes and the fixed style of riding. South Africa needs some grit and attitude pumped back into street cycling and over the last couple years we’ve developed a brand and range that reflects our stance on that".


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The Rook One Steel Frame in 3 paint jobs. Matt Black , Ice White and limited edition Blue/Green Flip.


Starting with their steel frame series, the Rook One “We’re super obsessive with build quality vs bang for buck and it shows in every bike that we ship. We’d like to see a Rook frame still shredding in 20 years!”. Hi-ten steel with geometry that gives you the go’s. This is not driving miss daisy - it’s an urban mash machine.


Rook Cycles 4.jpg
The Rook Race: Choose your bars, carbon fork standard. Only in black-on-black.


The guys have also developed a light build; The Rook Race. An aluminium frame with a carbon fiber fork. “The Race series is all about light weight agility. Inspired by events such as Red Hook Crit, the Rook Race is nimble through a city circuit. A track bike designed for the road”.


Rook Cycles strive to bring the thrill and challenge of fixed gear riding to South Africa. Skiddies, track stands, fixie tricks – a few of the fun elements riding a fixed gear brings to your ride. Each Rook bicycle ships with a flip-flop rear hub so you can start off in freewheel mode and switch to fixed when you’re comfortable.


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When riding in fixed, lock your legs to lock the back wheel and skid! It’s mad fun!


“There’s a time and place for geared, expensive, high maintenance road bikes… And we respect that. But there’s so much fun to be had on a fixed gear and so much less hassle. We’re not just selling bikes, we’re riding hard, and having a blast doing it.”


You can customize your ride too, they’ve curated an in-house accessories range so you can make your ride unique to you.


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Rook is based in Cape Town but like to see themselves as a South African brand. Shipping is included to any address in SA – check out their online store at


The Rook One Starts at R5650 for a complete, and the Rook Race at R8650 complete.



Schmorglebot, Sep 08 2017 12:41

Single speeds, fantastic, simple, quiet, and great fun and great on commutes. Fixies, cool for riding backwards, but always made me nervous in traffic. Glad to see they've included a front brake at least

Shebeen, Sep 08 2017 04:01

rook as in afrikaans smoke, or as in a chess piece knight ?

rookcycles, Sep 11 2017 01:09

rook as in afrikaans smoke, or as in a chess piece knight ?


The chess piece. But our skids do leave some smoke trails... Check out the website for more info

andrew5336, Nov 16 2017 11:19

What sort of speed would one be able to hold on flat with this gearing at a decent cadence?


Could be ideal for the DBN beachfront circuit...

Hairy, Jun 20 2018 02:58

so I eventually managed to pop into their Long street store, nice space, lovely bikes at great pricing and good welcoming staff .... what more can one ask for ..... oh, also walked out with a couple of free demo mud guards for some of the riders in our commute group.


Shot ROOK!

blinx, Jun 20 2018 09:02

Guys where can I buy thick slick tyres I checked the CWC website and when I add 2 Tyres it says out of stock or quantity added is too much 🤔