The ultimate mountain-biking long weekend

Celebrate the Heritage Day long weekend with all the best of what the Garden Route has to offer.

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Tapering. What’s that? Who needs a big rest ahead of a goal event when you can cruise three beautiful days and then – with all your muscles firing – blaze the goal. For this reason the Buco DR Evil Classic is the ideal ‘warm-up’ opportunity ahead of the Buco Lions Karoo to Coast.


But that is just one small reason to enter now…


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Don’t take our word for it, Nicola Giliomee finished second on K2C in 2018, here’s what she has to say of the Dr Evil Classic


“Everything about this event is just world class,” says Nicola Giliomee. “The routes are so well designed and marked by Leon (Evans) and his team.”


“They’re challenging but still caters for every level of rider which is amazing,” she says.


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The daily distances for the 2019 Buco Dr Evil Classic – which will take place over the three days leading up to Buco Lions Karoo to Coast Mountain Bike (19-21 September) – are relatively short. Day one is scheduled to be 70 kilometres, with days two and three 50 each. Not only will Dr Evil Classic riders be in race-ready shape for the iconic Karoo to Coast, as in the past, they will also get preferential treatment:

  • Dr Evil Classic riders get an automatic seeding into the second start group (out of seven) at Karoo to Coast.
  • They will receive their Karoo to Coast race numbers at the Dr Evil registration so they do not have to register in Uniondale.
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“I started riding in this area when I was at school and these routes are why I ride,” Giliomee says. “I think what this event gets right is the wide variety of trails each day - one minute you’re riding in a game reserve among some spectacular wildlife, the next you are in the magical forest and then you find yourself riding along the coast,” she says. “That dramatic ocean scenery is just so special.”


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In the interest of making the route experience even better, route designer Leon Evans and his team have taken rider feedback to heart (as they do every year) and removed large parts of the ‘open’ roads from the 2019 route. “On Stage One we’ve taken out many of the sections where the fire had been through,” Evans says. “The burnt sections made for great views in 2018, but the consensus from the riders is that they want to be under tree canopy, so we have rerouted though the spectacular indigenous forest the area is so famous for,” he says.


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According to Evans, other route additions include new sections of singletrack on stages Two and Three, most notably a seven-kilometre stretch into Kurland to end day two.


For Gilliomee, it’s not so much the route, or the preferential Karoo to Coast treatment which lures her back every year, but the overall vibe. “This race is a 100% family event, which I love,” she says. “It is the perfect race to socialise, meet new people and to enjoy with your friends and family. The kids love all the race venues, which makes it something special for everyone to enjoy,” she says.


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While it is a great experience for the whole family, the riding is also super exclusive with no cut-off times or ‘race’ pressure. The routes can also be enjoyed by on eBikes and Gravel Grinders in two special categories.