This smart helmet could save your life

The Livall range of cycle helmets are stylish road helmets packed with technology to enhance your safety on the bike.

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BH60SE Road Cycle Helmet


What do you worry about most when you ride out to meet your friends on a Sunday morning? Not how many Strava trophies you’ll get, or who will be first over the morning’s steepest climb. Not whether you’ll get a puncture, and certainly not whether your local coffee shop will have stock of almond croissants.


No, if you’re one of South Africa’s estimated 40 000 recreational road cyclists, chances are you worry most about being hit by a car.


Your anxiety is not unfounded. The most recent statistic from the Road Traffic Management Corporation is scary enough to make you hang up your bike and never ride it again: In 2016, 451 cyclists were killed on South Africa’s roads, and it seems that the situation hasn’t improved much since then.


But you’re not going to hang up your bike. You’re going to keep on riding, because little else compares to the sense of all-round satisfaction that your Sunday ride delivers.


What you can do is invest in gear that will decrease the chance of a serious accident. Research has highlighted three key factors: wearing a helmet, visibility on the road and limiting rider distractions. The new Livall BH60SE ticks all of those boxes in one sleek, stylish package. It’s a smart helmet with extraordinary features that will redefine the way you think about cycling safety.


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BH62 Road Bike Helmet


Light it up

There are three rows of integrated LED lights on the back of the helmet. You can set these lights to flash, alerting motorists to your presence, or you can control the lower two rows using the wireless handlebar remote and signal your intentions when you’re about to make a turn.


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Crash alert


Connect the helmet to your smartphone via the Livall app, and a designated contact will receive a message and a GPS location in the event of a crash. This warning is triggered by a three-axis gyroscope built into the helmet, which senses harsh impact or sudden deceleration. There’s also an SOS button: Push it for five seconds and an alert will be sent to your emergency contact.


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Easy communication


With a built-in Bluetooth speaker above each ear, you can safely listen to music or turn-by-turn navigation while you ride, without affecting your spatial awareness. You can also have a phone conversation, thanks to the wind-proof microphone that muffles audio interference at speeds of up to 60km/h. If any other members of your cycling group have a Livall helmet, you can even chat to them using walkie-talkie function. Handy if you get dropped!


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It’s also a pretty great helmet…


Smart tech aside, the BH60SE offers all the protection your brain deserves. It’s made from EPS foam and meets all mandated international safety standards. The aerodynamic design looks great, and the 24 vents offer excellent ventilation. Amazingly, Livall has managed to keep the weight to only 278g, marginally more than the energy bar in your jersey pocket.



Friedpiggy, Jun 10 2019 08:08

Cost - 1 kidney

bertusras, Jun 10 2019 01:48

Cost - 1 kidney


Your kidneys are pretty cheap. I'll have two!

Headshot, Jun 10 2019 02:43

No! And why is the crash victim lying in the leaves like a mountain biker. Would have looked better with tar and a cars bumper in the pic. :-)

I FLY, Jun 10 2019 03:03

So far my "little" game of skittles by a motorist has cost me R3600 in medical bills without factoring in pain 


How far does one go though? 


I already have:- 


1.Two red lights in flash mode on the back of my helmet.

2. One front light in flash mode on front of my helmet

3. One headlight on my handlebar

4. Hi-vis vest. 

5. ICEID bracelet with my emergency details in case I am unconscious


I don't commuter with my garmin so the crash alert would have been useful if I had been knocked out.

daniemare, Jun 10 2019 08:08

Advertising all prices excluding VAT. Out of Principle I will nit buy it.

If you cannot advertise including VAT, you start out intentionally deceitful, and I do not deal with companies like that.

99% of your market cannot claim VAT, so it is simply wrong to do this

RossW, Jun 11 2019 01:25

Advertising all prices excluding VAT. Out of Principle I will nit buy it.

If you cannot advertise including VAT, you start out intentionally deceitful, and I do not deal with companies like that.

99% of your market cannot claim VAT, so it is simply wrong to do this

I agree with you. I have always believed that it is a legal requirement as a registered VAT vendor to quote VAT inclusive price. Discussion in the provided link confirms my belief.


Beyersh, Jun 11 2019 10:08


Hi there. This is Beyers from Bydrae. I am the marketing agent who built the site. We actually have a resellers platform as well as a retail platform and the plugin just applied to both sides. We are fixing the problem.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. We are really sorry about the deception. It was not intentional. Please understand that we have been working around the clock to get this campaign completed and our collective attentions spans are not limitless.

As a means of apology, we have made a 15% discount code which means you can have the helmet without VAT 😁.

I gave the code 100 uses, so if we offended anyone else, this is just for you.

Use "Sorry" at the cart to get the discount.

All the best


daniemare, Jun 11 2019 01:09

Well done guys - that is how you respond

Beyersh, Jun 11 2019 02:09

@daniemare Thank you for being understanding. We are doing our best to bring this awesome product to the market. Our goal is to make roads in SA safer for cyclists. If we could afford it we would give them away for free, but that wouldn't make our investors very happy.

@headshot: I know some of the pictures look a bit cheesy. We're actually working on getting better pictures. We would love to get amazing lifestyle images, but we just don't have better quality pics atm. Feel free to buy some helmets, then I will have budget for cooler pics 😉

Our real goal would be to source user generated content, so if you have a Livall helmet, feel free to send some pics to me at

RossW, Jun 12 2019 12:33

Thanks guys. Great communication from you!