Titan Racing goes global

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Titan Bikes, a strong competitor in the entry to mid-level bike market in Africa, announced that it will be changing its corporate identity to Titan Racing Bikes. The identity change reflects the company's broader vision to start manufacturing higher spec’d bikes to cater for the more competitive rider whilst adopting a new International distribution strategy which will see the brand expanding globally.


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"The new identity – Titan Racing Bikes – allows us to emphasize our expanding product line that caters for a variety of disciplines at different price points. Whilst our core business has always been providing competitively priced products and reliable back-up, we will extend these core values of our brand into our new high-end projects. We have a new bike in the pipeline which we have been working on and should be introduced to the market in 2018. Titan Racing Bikes will also be launching a new apparel and accessories line up which should start filtering into stores later this year and is expected to be a great success.” said Rob Luis, founder and co-owner of Titan Racing Bikes.


Our main goal is simply sharing what we love, the empowerment that a bicycle can deliver.


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The new direction Titan Racing Bikes is embarking on sees the addition of an in-house design team. Heading up this team is Cliff Beckett, formerly of Pyga Bikes and Csixx Components. An avid mountain biker, Cliff has built a reputation within the cycling industry as an independent thinker with a knack for understanding the features that make a bike enjoyable to ride. Through his time working with industry veterans Pat Morewood (Pyga) and Mark Hopkins (Pyga, Csixx, Leatt) he has gained valuable experience and practical knowledge across a variety of roles. Armed with this knowledge he is always thinking about future developments within the industry and how current ideas can be improved upon to deliver better bikes to our riders.


"I'm stoked with the move to Titan Racing. I feel like the years I spent working at Csixx and Pyga have really given me a unique perspective on the bike industry that would have been impossible to acquire anywhere else. Both Pat and Mark have been great mentors to me over the years and I couldn't begin to describe how much I have learned during my time working with them. I am now in the fortunate position to be able to apply that knowledge and, together with Robbie and the rest of the cool team here at Titan Racing, develop an exciting range of bikes that I can't wait to swing a leg over."


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The 2018 line up for Titan Racing Bikes sees more than a few new additions. Most notably is their introduction of the 140mm Skyrim Plus Trail Bike. Along with this is their revamped 100mm Sonic Marathon Bike, as well as the new Drone and Rogue ranges. The implementation of Boost technology on their full-suspension frames and disc brakes throughout the road range shows how Titan Racing Bikes has embraced innovation and new market trends.


Some of Titan Racing Bikes in-house designs can already be seen as they launch their apparel and accessory ranges. These ranges include Trail, Race and Junior apparel consisting of helmets, eyewear, gloves, cycling kit and even trail baggies. The accessory range is said to offer a range of items from high powered LED lights to CO2 bomb kits and multitools.


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“Seeing how the brand has grown over the years has far exceeded our expectations and the identity change is an exciting time for us. With clear goals in mind, we are ready to take on the next chapter in our story as we enter the global market.” CJ Wright, Brand Designer.


The new identity is effective immediately, and will be implemented across all company communications. The apparel and accessory ranges will be the first products to endorse the new TR logo with the 2019 bikes following suite.


NicoBoshoff, Oct 10 2017 07:46

Really excited about this development!!!!   


Any hints at where accessories will be sold?  From their current retail footprint (Sportsmans etc) or will an online presence be developed to sell direct?

LeoKnight, Oct 10 2017 08:19

Al the best, but maybe have a look at your website, there seems to be some dead links there, where if you click on the one you get a "We are just kidding...but sorry the page you were looking for can not be found."

Mr lee, Oct 10 2017 10:40

Awesome news!


Would be great if they could introduce frame sizing for the many larger oaks out there so we don't have to spend a fortune on the more expensive brands that do!....or by adding many additional parts to make a small (well small for a big oak) frame work. 


I know their XL's are of a reasonable size but an XXL (not just a size change but actual geometry changes) will tap into that market that previously gave riding a bike a miss. 


Same goes for the clothing :)

Shebeen, Oct 10 2017 11:15

Good to see them growing. Starting to resemble Silverback 2.0, just without the 'move' to Germany.

Joe Fish, Oct 10 2017 07:38

Nice one Cliff... ;)

ashortchase, Oct 10 2017 08:38

Great logo!!

ridr, Oct 10 2017 10:03

Very exciting! Have a few Titan kids bikes. Just added a 24 9R to the collection - absolutely brilliant!

Headshot, Oct 11 2017 11:11

Go Cliff B - lets have a mean Titan enduro bike next please. At a very affordable price of course :-) 

Munchk1n, Oct 12 2017 12:09

Good for Titan, now the world can see what we have to offer in the entry/mid level class.
My first bike was a Titan Sport 650B I bought on special at R4K, best buy I've ever made!

3 years later it's still a fantastic bike and since handed it over to my girlfriend, who absolutely loves it. The only upgrade I've needed to do on my Titan Sport was put air shocks on.
It is because of Titan that I really love mountain biking, thank you for selling great quality bikes at fantastic prices.
I truly believe Titan will do well globally.

Shebeen, Oct 13 2018 07:37


Finally a sensible warranty offering